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Property for sale in Huahin

In the past, Huahin was a small coastal town in the Siam Gulf. Currently, the town has turned into a popular resort and favorite for tourists. The town is 220km away and a 2.5-hour ride from Bangkok.  Despite its growing popularity, Huahin has not lost its individuality and is still a quiet harbor for lovers of leisurely rest. Should you plan to buy real estate in Thailand for leisure, this is a place deserving of your attention. Buy property in Huahin is a good decision for those who are looking for something special.

The most in-demand real estate for sale in Huahin is on the coast. The area overlooks natural landscapes and grants easy access to the waters of the gulf. It is a good place to buy property for investment: many apartments in Thailand are ready for sale and living, bearing good renovations and furniture.

Investment property in Huahin

In Huahin, you can meet a relaxed atmosphere without noisy parties and rowdy nightlife. This is the reason why it is beloved by families with little kids. Klai Palace is located here, serving as the residence of the Thai Royal family. The town itself is one of the safest and cleanest in Thailand. It is surrounded by tropical forests, part of which are protected and belong to national parks. The coast boasts clean beaches with white sand and deckchairs, popular among families with children. Think about investing in real estate in Huahin, it can can be a profitable investment.

The Huahin climate is humid tropical and influenced by seasonal changes.

Three main seasons are typically seen here:

  1. It is hot from March to June. This period is almost rain-free and the daytime temperatures range from +33°С to +39°С. The hottest month is May when the water temperature reaches +30°С. It rarely rains here from March to April. There are only 7-10 rainy days in May and June;
  2. The rainy season lasts from July to October. Compared to other areas, the season of rain in Huahin is more comfortable while the humidity is high. It heavily rains but they are rather short and coupled with thunder. The rainiest period is September;
  3. The cold season is from November to February. It stops raining by this period and is ideal for leisure in Thailand. The temperatures range from +20°С to + 28°С. Water temperatures range from +26°С to +28°С. January is the coldest month.

Real estate in Huahin is an opportunity to experience leisure in a tropical paradise. If you are an investor and looking for property investment in Huahin, the local offers will please you with a variety of prices and options. Due to the high tourist traffic, local housing is in demand, meaning you can lease it and gain passive income. The specialists in our company will help you to pick housing with high liquidity for real estate investment in Huahin.

Property prices in Huahin, Thailand

Prices for buying property in Huahin for expats depend on the type of real estate, location and individual features. Please find this real estate in Huahin from developers and agencies and its costs below:

  • 1-bedroom apartment – 35,900 euro;
  • 2-bedroom apartment – 98,200 euro;
  • 3-bedroom apartment – 221,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom villa – 235,000 euro;
  • 4-bedroom villa – 500,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom townhouse –129,000 euro.

You can get acquainted with Huahin real estate prices 2022 in euros and dollars in the catalog of our web page.

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