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Villas for sale in Ko Samui

Buying houses for sale in Ko Samui, Thailand, means expanding your investment portfolio and becoming the owner of highly liquid and profitable real estate. The island remains one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, placing a high demand on local housing. A Ko Samui house for sale can be considered either as a holiday home or as an investment. The island’s main attraction is its pristine, snow-white beaches. It is sunny 11 months of the year, so the tourist season never ends. You can buy house  in Ko Samui and rent it out which will generate a profit throughout the year.

The island is conveniently located in the Gulf of Thailand. The area has the lowest risk index of natural disasters typical of the islands and this makes living and owning villas in Ko Samui particularly safe considering the natural hazards in the region. A flight from Bangkok takes just one hour and the island has its own international airport, which facilitates travel from other countries.

The region offers a variety of property types, ranging from investment homes with two or three bedrooms to luxury Ko Samui houses for sale which have up to 6 bedrooms, with the more exclusive properties situated on the beachfront. The infrastructure of the area is seeing rapid development, and you can find not only entertainment venues, shops and restaurants but also several schools. The high quality of life coupled with the affordable cost of houses in Ko Samui makes real estate attractive to ex-pats.

For foreigners, local legislation makes provision for a special procedure when purchasing housing. Expats can buy a condo apartment in Thailand and own it as private property (freehold). Detached homes can have both a freehold and leasehold title. The latter option involves a long-term lease. In this case, the land is registered only as a leasehold title, since only citizens are allowed to own the plot. The lease agreement lasts 30 years and can be extended twice for the same length.

Investment house in Ko Samui

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider investing in houses in Ko Samui:

  • Potentially profitable asset. The island’s territory is limited, so at some point, it will become difficult to find free space for development. This will contribute to increased demand and rising cost of villas in Ko Samui.
  • Developing economy. With the increase in tourist arrivals, the number of jobs in the region is growing, which has an impact on the rising need for housing.
  • Steady increase in real estate prices. Over the past few years alone, Ko Samui homes for sale have risen in price by up to 20%. If you invest in off-plan properties, you can make a profit of at least 20% after the development is completed.
  • Affordable property prices and low maintenance costs. Despite the increase in prices, you can find a house for sale in Ko Samui even on a limited budget. This is evident if you compare the costs with those of similar properties in resort regions of the USA or Europe.
  • Source of passive income. Foreigners can purchase a villa for sale in Ko Samui to rent out, and local housing shows a consistently high rental yield.

You do not even need to reside in the country to make a profit. Trust management of villas in Thailand is offered by many local agencies and developers. There is a special guaranteed income programme, under which the owner receives up to 10% of the profit. All matters related to finding tenants, moving them in, and monitoring the condition of houses in Ko Samui will be taken care of by estate agents.

Houses prices in Ko Samui

Villas prices in Ko Samui depend on several factors:

  • neighbourhood and its infrastructure
  • proximity to the sea
  • surface area of the house and plot
  • number of bedrooms
  • year of commissioning and quality of finishes
  • access to a swimming pool, a private beach or other additional amenities.

Average prices range from USD 309,000 for a two-bedroom Ko Samui villa for sale to USD 1.5 million for a seven-bedroom home. However, the final cost must be checked immediately before purchasing, since the range in offers is quite wide. Below are a few listings that were on the market at the time this article was published:

  • two bedrooms — USD 161,000
  • three bedrooms — USD 251,000
  • four bedrooms — USD 451,000
  • five bedrooms — USD 948,000
  • six bedrooms — USD 1.5 million

Those interested in buying villas in Ko Samui in the high-end segment can consider a nine-bedroom home with a private pool, which is priced at USD 8.3 million.

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