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Condos for investment in Phuket

Condominiums for sale in Phuket are the most popular housing option for foreigners. Apartments in residential complexes in Thailand are used for seasonal holidays, are suitable for moving to permanent residence, and are a profitable investment.

Condos’ prices in Phuket

Condos in Phuket for investment and permanent residence vary in price. On average, the cost of one square meter of housing starts from 1,300 and reaches 6,000 euros and above. The final cost of condominium in Phuket depends on the comfort of the complex, its proximity to the coast, and the construction stage. At the beginning of sales, buying condominiums in Phuket can cost 20-30% cheaper than housing in the same complex after commissioning.

Apartments in the condominium in Phuket are much more budget-friendly than villas and cheaper than real estate in the resort cities of Europe. Another advantage is that the buyer of the apartments becomes their owner. If you want to buy a house in Thailand, by law foreigners cannot own the land. It has to be rented for a long time.

Condos for sale in Phuket

Foreigners can buy a condominium in Phuket. The only restriction imposed by the authorities remains the requirement for a share of ownership. Within one complex, holders of citizenship of other countries can own no more than 49% of the housing. Thai citizens must own the rest of the property. The pricing policy of the region may also differ for residents and those who do not have a residence permit.

Buy a condo in Phuket

Many foreigners prefer to buy real estate in Thailand. It is profitable to invest in condominiums in Phuket for several reasons:

  • Phuket condos for sale are in demand among tourists, and those who prefer to spend the winter in a comfortable climate choose them for a long stay.
  • High profitability index. An apartment in the condominium brings from 7% profit annually. The rental income depends on the quality of housing and its location.
  • Liquidity. If you wish, you can sell real estate in Thailand and get additional profit, because on the island, as in Phuket and Pattaya, there is an annual increase in housing prices.

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