Condos in Thailand

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Condos for investment in Thailand

Condominiums for sale in Thailand are one of the most popular types of ownership for foreign nationals and locals. Residential complexes in Thailand offer significant investment opportunities. The apartments are in high demand for permanent residence and recreation. Comfortable climatic conditions attract tourists from all over the world to buy condominiums in Thailand. A wide range of Thailand condos for sale is available in all popular resorts: Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok, or Krabi.

Condos’ prices in Thailand

The cost of a condominium in Thailand depends on several aspects, one of which is the area:

  • Compact studio apartments in the condominium in Thailand of 30 m2 or more are available for sale for 50,000 euros.
  • A condo in Thailand with two bedrooms can cost 100,000 euros and above.

A lot also has to do with location: housing for foreigners on the first line near the coast is more expensive. Infrastructure also matters. An apartment in the condominium with one or more swimming pools, a fitness center, and a playground will cost more than a house without such amenities.

Condos for investment in Thailand

The affordable price of apartments in Thailand is only one of the reasons to invest in condominiums in Thailand. Other benefits include:

  • Capitalization of value if the property is purchased at the beginning of construction.
  • High profitability. Rents at popular resorts can generate income of 8-10% annually.

Condos in Thailand for investment and permanent residence are also a more convenient option, as buying a house or villa for foreigners is associated with a long-term lease of a land plot.

Condos for sale in Thailand

By law, foreigners can legally buy a condominium in Thailand. The only restriction is that in total, citizens can own no more than 49% of the property within one residential complex. Therefore, at the initial development stage, there is a wide range of offers for foreigners. It is important to say that a foreigner can buy apartments in a condominium in any region of the country. However, the property does not allow him to apply for citizenship and obtain a residence permit.

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