• Experts named the best areas in Phuket for real estate investment

    Experts have named several districts of Phuket, whose real estate can become both a promising investment and a successful purchase in July 2023. One of these areas is Bang Tao, also known as Laguna Beach, which is located on the northwest coast of the island. Among the projects here are Laguna Phuket Complex, which attracts wealthy buyers who want...

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  • The super-expensive real estate market is growing in Bangkok

    Experts note that more and more projects are being built in Bangkok in the segment of ultra-expensive real estate, inaccessible even to many wealthy buyers. Against the background of the growing popularity of Thailand as a destination for investment and immigration, such projects quickly find buyers. Most often they are rich Chinese citizens. Some...

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  • The number of resales of new real estate is growing rapidly in Thailand

    In Thailand, the number of resales of new real estate is growing rapidly. They are put up for sale by local residents who are unable to pay off their mortgage. Experts note that foreign investors can benefit from what is happening. Real estate is most often resold in the following areas of Bangkok: Huai Khwang; Wattana; Chatuchak; Khlong...

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  • Experts have revealed the preferences of Chinese citizens when buying a property in Thailand

    Real estate experts said that Chinese citizens remain the main buyers of apartments in condominiums in Thailand. In addition, experts have revealed what kind of real estate Chinese investors prefer to buy and how much they are willing to spend at the same time. Experts note that in Thailand there are more and more realtors working with European...

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  • More and more Myanmar citizens are investing in real estate in Thailand

    More and more Myanmar residents are investing in Phuket real estate. This was told by Carlo Pobre, managing director of the consulting agency KIM Property Consultants, which is based in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. Pobre said that more and more wealthy residents of Myanmar are planning to move to safer and economically stable countries....

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  • Education helps attract investors in Phuket real estate

    School education has become a new factor helping to attract foreign buyers of real estate to Phuket. This was stated by Boon Yongsakul, Vice President of Phuket Real Estate Association. Boon Yongsakul noted that there are now 13 international schools in Phuket offering training programs in the UK, France and the USA. Due to this, families with...

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  • The most popular Phuket real estate among Europeans has been named

    Real estate experts told us which properties most often attract buyers from Europe in July 2023. According to statistics, most often European buyers are looking for spacious villas, which should have from two to five bedrooms. This is due to the fact that Europeans often move with the whole family and want to give their children freer space. A...

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  • CSA intends to conclude deals worth $45 million

    Real estate and asset management consulting firm Capital Solution Asia (CSA) plans to conclude four real estate transactions totaling $45 million over the next 12 months from foreign investors investing in the country for the first time. Simon Derville, Managing Partner and Executive Director of CSA, said that Thailand is recognized as one of the...

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  • CP Land plans to build 13 offices in Thailand

    CP LAND is moving forward in the business of building office buildings under the CP Tower brand, expanding to 90% of the market, with work on 13 projects across the country over the next 3 years or by 2025. Technology has been introduced into the projects to improve the standards of quality, service, convenience and security of office buildings....

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  • Developer Pruksa has reduced the number of residential projects

    The chief executive officer of Pruksa Real Estate, Piya Prayong, said that although the company has reduced the weight of investments in housing and condominiums to 23 projects in 2023, but the cost of the project is still high - about 23.5 billion baht. The company is one of the ten largest real estate brands in Thailand, so it adjusts investment...

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