Apartments (flats) in Pattaya

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Investment apartments in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most popular destinations for foreign nationals. People come here on vacation and choose real estate in Thailand for investment. A city with a developed infrastructure and clean beaches attracts tourists, so apartments in Pattaya are always in demand.

Apartments’ prices in Pattaya

The prices of apartments in Pattaya will pleasantly surprise you when compared with European resorts. On the market, you can find:

  • studio apartments for just over $29,000;
  • apartments for $65,000 or more;
  • multi-bedroom homes for $220,000 and up.

The final prices for flats in Pattaya depend on the area, the condition of the housing, and the infrastructure of the condominium. There are higher housing prices for foreigners and non-residents in new buildings with modern infrastructure, landscaped gardens, sports facilities, playgrounds, and swimming pools.

Apartments for sale in Pattaya

Currently, the demand for apartments in Pattaya for investment and permanent residence is directly related to the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in many border closures. As the situation normalizes, prices for flats for sale in Pattaya will change, so it is important to clarify the cost of housing before buying. Two forms of ownership are available for foreigners: a leasehold and a freehold. According to Thai law, foreigners cannot acquire plots of land in full ownership (freehold). When foreign nationals buy flats in Pattaya, for example, in a house, the land is only available for long-term lease (leasehold). These restrictions do not prevent you from investing in an apartment in Pattaya, provided that non-residents own no more than 49% of the property in the condominium.

Ownership of property does not allow you to become a citizen of the country but gives you access to a simplified residence program and in this way, you can still invest in the Kingdom’s economy.

Buy an apartment in Pattaya, Thailand

Apartments are for sale in Thailand in all parts of the city. A foreigner can buy an apartment in Pattaya for cash and can get a mortgage. The real estate market of the region contains:

  • studio apartments and apartments;
  • houses and villas.

The latter dominates the suburban part of the city. The closer the housing is to the coast, the higher the prices are.

Buying an apartment in Pattaya, Thailand

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