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Property for sale in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand and is just 70km from Bangkok. The megapolis is divided into separate administrative divisions, each quite amazing, thus forming a spread of posessing prices.  Anyone interested in real estate in Thailand should consider the real estate on offer in this picturesque part of the Thai Kingdom.

Particularities of the city and surrounding area

City is surrounded by misty mountains and is really adorned in greenery. The place is beloved by tourists who enjoy seeing nature, works of art, taking in the interesting sights and spending time relaxing.

In Chiang Mai, the ancient is combined with the modern and there are many cafes, restaurants and small shops to explore in the city center. What’s more, there are many cultural and historical attractions here, some of them have hundreds of years of historical background, for example, some 600-year old Buddhist temples. Together, these form a rare atmosphere of individuality and comfort.

Investment property in Chiang Mai

Do you have plans to buy an apartment in Thailand or make a profitable property investment in Chiang Mai? You can discover some more details about the Thai real estate market in Chiang Mai with our company. Below are various sorts of bargain properties for sale in Chiang Mai and close vicinity:

  • condominiums;
  • townhouses;
  • detached houses;
  • apartments in condominiums.

Townhouses and condominiums are mostly found in the central part of the city for real estate investment in Chiang Mai. Detached houses are erected in the vicinity of the three-ring roads. For those who’d prefer a more remote lifestyle, it might be worth doing to buy property in Chiang Mai. Real estate for sale in Chiang Mai is in the countryside facing the hill chains and rice fields.

Investing in real estate in Chiang Mai is ideal for both lease and resale. This is a populated newcomers hub and consequently, the dwelling here is in high demand. Investors in Chiang Mai know that apartments and houses can be used as a passive source of income or for independent living. After 5-7 years, you’ll be able to sell the proprietorship at a profit due to the increase in cost.

Property prices in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The average cost when buying a property in Chiang Mai for expats is €139K, with a per square meter rate of €1,370.

Depending on the type of real estate and its individual features, Chiang Mai real estate prices 2022 may vary. The range of housing is vast, from old-fashioned houses to newly-constructed buildings of superb quality.

The average cost on real estate in Chiang Mai reckon on utilities, is as follows:

  • 1-bedroom apartment – €86,2K;
  • 2-bedroom apartment – €123K;
  • 3-bedroom apartment – €203K;
  • 3-bedroom villa – €378K;
  • 6-bedroom villa – €786K.

We will help you buy real estate in Chiang Mai

You can see a wide variety of real estate in the most inhabited settlements of the kingdom in the Thailand-Real.Estate catalogue. The best real estate in Chiang Mai from developers and agencies, only from reputable owners and construction firms, of course, are displayed on our website. You can look for accomodation yourself or turn to our team of experienced specialists in the Thai real estate market, who will provide you with all the information about buying property in Chiang Mai for foreigners. We are eager to assist in examining the most appropriate possessions, same as in concluding the transaction and purchase contract.