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Townhouse in Thailand for investment

After traveling to sunny Thailand, tourists are so excited about the picturesque beaches, friendly people, and culinary delights that they become tempted to invest in a piece of land. Over the past two decades, this country has witnessed an influx of foreigners who invest in local townhouses. Developed tourist infrastructure in tandem with natural beauty allows entrepreneurs to significantly increase their income by renting out purchased housing.

The main mistake of buyers who purchase a townhouse in Thailand for investment and permanent residence is the lack of awareness of the country's legislation. In order for novice investors to save money, all useful information about the local real estate market has been published on the website. You can also find a selection of the most reliable construction companies in Thailand there.

Townhouse prices in Thailand

Several factors influence the cost of a townhouse such as the location, size, number of rooms, amenities, availability of furniture, and much more. This is detailed in the table below:


Area 104 sq m 230 sq m 132 sq m
Number of bedrooms 3 2 2
Number of bathrooms 3 3 2
Swimming pool No Yes Yes
Sea view No Yes Yes
Furnishing Full Partial Full
Average price USD 114,000 USD 275,000 USD 267,000

You can get acquainted with the best price offers for luxury townhouses in Thailand by the sea from trusted real estate agencies in Thailand in the catalog of the website.

Townhouses for sale in Thailand

Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand. Thai law prohibits citizens of other countries from registering real estate in their own name. There are two options for foreign investors to circumvent this restriction:

  1. Signing a long-term lease agreement. The maximum term of this agreement is 30 years. At the end of this period, the tenant and the landowner can renew the contract.
  2. Establishing a Thai limited liability company. This company can own land on behalf of a foreigner provided that at least 51% of its assets are owned by Thais.

Lifestyle in Thailand

Having familiarized yourself with the legislation and current prices (in rubles, euros, and dollars) of plots on the website and before buying a Thai townhouse, you must also understand the nuances of the local culture and lifestyle:

  1. Superstition. Two facts about Thais are that they are incredibly superstitious and convinced of the existence of ghosts. For example, not a single local will call a child cute, otherwise, an evil spirit will take them away.
  2. Etiquette. Thais are extremely polite and have their own ways of showing respect. When talking to each other, they use words that indicate a person's age.
  3. Religion. Theravada Buddhism is the main denomination in Thailand. The second major religion in the country is Islam. Christianity makes up less than 1% of the Thai population.

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Purchasing property in Thailand is the best thing an entrepreneur can do for their investment portfolio. Local townhouses are of excellent quality and reasonable prices. To find the best deal on the market, contact our specialists right now.