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Condos for investment in Bangkok

Bangkok is not only the capital of Thailand but also the largest metropolis in Asia. A city with a developed infrastructure attracts millions of tourists every year who choose not only hotels but also apartments in a residential complex in Thailand. Condominiums for sale in Bangkok correspond to modern concepts of comfort. For foreigners, this is not only real estate for moving but also for investment.

Condos’ prices in Bangkok

Buying condominiums in Bangkok can cost about 100,000 euros. This is the minimum for which you can buy a compact studio apartment. The maximum price reaches several million euros. The cost of a condominium in Bangkok depends on:

  • location;
  • area and number of bedrooms;
  • repair quality;
  • improvement of the residential complex.

The most profitable is the cost of an apartment in a condominium in Bangkok at the beginning of sales. The price of the off-plan property from developers in Thailand is cheaper than Bangkok condos for sale after putting the house into operation. This is the best housing option for foreigners to invest in condominiums in Bangkok. Also, foreigners can buy housing in ready-made residential complexes, but its cost will be 20-30% higher.

Condos for sale in Bangkok

By law, foreigners can buy an apartment in any of the residential complexes under construction or ready-made. The only limitation is the percentage of real estate owned by non-residents. This figure cannot exceed 49%, while 51% of the apartments in the condominium in Bangkok must belong to holders of citizenship. Therefore, there are many off-plan offers, among which you can choose an apartment in the condominium. A residence permit is not required to conclude a transaction.

Buy a condo in Bangkok

For foreigners, condos in Bangkok for investment and permanent residence is a profitable investment. There are several reasons for this:

  • the cost of real estate is lower than in major European cities;
  • annual capitalization of the cost to sell housing profitably;
  • the profitability of apartments is high. It can reach 10% per annum for those planning to buy condominium in Bangkok to rent it out.

Thailand-Real.Estate offers real estate in Thailand. The catalog contains sales announcements in all popular locations in the Kingdom. You can calculate the cost of an apartment in a condo in Bangkok or resort cities of the country in any currency: the catalog publishes prices in euros and dollars.