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Property for sale in Samui

Real estate in Thailand is gaining popularity among foreign investors, and Samui (Koh Samui) is one of the most popular locations. It ranks 3rd among the most popular places in the country. There are many beautiful, snow-white beaches on the island, as well as stunning natural areas. The central part of the island has impenetrable mountain jungles, while the low-lying areas, that are closer to the coast, are popular with investors and tourists.

The real estate market in Samui is dominated by villas, cottages, chalets, townhouses and apartments. Most of the villas consist of three large bedrooms, an extensive floor plan with a garden and a swimming pool. Apartment buildings and townhouses also include swimming pools, gyms and round-the-clock security. In some houses on Samui, management companies offer their services. In addition, residents can visit spa complexes, tennis courts and access the beach.

The price for real estate in Samui varies from THB 3,600,000 to THB 409,600,000. The average price per square meter is THB 89,000. For instance, a house with an area of 200 square meters with three bedrooms and a large floor plan, and which is located within walking distance from the beach, costs about THB 17,800,000.

If you are considering exclusively premium houses in Thailand, Samui is also able to satisfy your wishes. For instance, a chic, spacious house with a total area of more than 300 square meters with five bedrooms, a large garden and a swimming pool on the property, will cost THB 26,000,000.

Property prices in Samui, Thailand

Foreign citizens can buy property in Samui by choosing one of the following forms of ownership:

  • freehold; a standard form of ownership (full ownership);
  • leasehold; a form of long-term lease.

Real estate for sale in Samui that is fully owned can be sold by the owner or rented out. Thai law prohibits foreigners from becoming the rightful owner of a plot of land, which was bought on Samui, but buyers can build a house on the site, which will be under their ownership.

Real estate in condominiums in Samui can be issued in full ownership, provided that the foreign citizen owns no more than 49% of the area of the condo. When buying property in Samui for expats, buyers will normally seek help from real estate agencies in Thailand.

Investment property in Samui

The percentage gap of interested tourists or investors in Samui is enormous if you consider the first two locations in Thailand, and the third. According to the data from real estate agencies, investing in real estate in Samui, 95% of clients are interested in Pattaya and Phuket, and 3% show interest in Samui. The remaining 2% are spread among the other regions.

Despite this, the flow of tourists here still causes an increased demand for rental real estate throughout the year, which indicates a profitable real estate investment in Samui. The growth rate of Samui real estate prices 2022 has slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the strict restrictions that the Thai government has adhered to. However, experts believe that once the restrictions have been lifted, the demand for real estate in Samui from developers and agencies and prices will start to grow steadily again. Thus, the best time to purchase is now.

The coefficient of the return on property investment in Samui reaches 10-15%, on average, per year.

buy real estate in Samui

Buying property in Samui for foreigners is an excellent prospect for profitable income. Contact us and our professional staff will select suitable bargain properties for sale in Samui for you.