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Properties for sale in Ko Samui

Property for sale in Ko Samui, Thailand is a popular option among those who have already appreciated the beauty of the local beaches and buyers planning to invest in overseas real estate. The island off the coast of Thailand is famous for its stunning natural scenery with vibrant colors. Snow-white sand, greenery of the jungle, azure hues of the ocean make Samui an ideal place for holidays. This year, the tourist flow has finally recovered after COVID-19 and exceeded 2 million people. Thanks to the popularity of the island, real estate in Ko Samui is becoming in demand. Luxury properties are in demand all year round, not just in the high season.

Parts of the island are named after the adjacent coasts. Chaweng Beach is the largest and most popular spot with many restaurants, bars and shops. The Lamai beach will be a great choice for those who value silence. But this does not mean that there is no developed infrastructure or entertainment here. Residences in the Bophut beach area are also very popular. Real estate for sale on Ko Samui includes all popular types. Here you can find compact condominium apartments or spacious residences with several bedrooms as well as luxurious villas with a private pool and landscaped surrounding area for relaxation.

According to local law, foreigners are allowed to buy real estate in Ko Samui, but it is important to consider that the kingdom has two forms of ownership. Property in Thailand can be registered as either freehold or leasehold. A freehold option means freehold ownership, while a leasehold option means a long-term lease, the total period of which (including extensions) is 90 years. Freehold property for foreigners is presented in the form of apartments in condominiums. The only limitation is the size of the property share for expats, which cannot exceed 49% within one residential complex.

As for buying a private villa in Thailand, it also has its own specifics. If a villa or townhouse can be registered as freehold, then the land under it will still be leased. Foreigners have the right to acquire ownership of a land plot only if it is registered in the name of a company in which 51% of the shares belong to a Thai national.

Property prices on Koh Samui

The average Ko Samui property prices is around $413,265. However, it is important to consider that these are only statistical and average data. In practice, the price depends on several factors:

  • location of housing
  • area and number of rooms
  • year of completion and prestige of the residential complex

The best prices for apartments in Thailand are at the start of sales. Upon handover, the cost increases by 30% or more, especially if we talk about luxury properties, the difference in price after commissioning can reach 100%.

At the time of publication of this article, you can find 1-bedroom apartments starting from $114,000 and spacious 5-bedroom villas costing from $550,000 to $5 million and above. This range of prices confirms the fact that in the kingdom you can choose real estate to suit every taste and budget.

You should also keep in mind that the cost of property in Ko Samui and registration fees are not the only expenditures. Since the island is located in the coastal zone, it is recommended to buy insurance against damage in the event of cataclysms and natural disasters. This is standard practice in Thailand.

Investment property in Ko Samui

There are several reasons to invest in housing on the island:

  • Transport accessibility. The international airport is located directly on Ko Samui.
  • Actively developing infrastructure. Although the island is difficult to compare with a large metropolis, tourists are spurring local authorities to make life here as comfortable as possible.
  • Attractive housing prices. Despite the fact that the cost of real estate is rising, it is still possible to buy apartments several times cheaper than in resort cities in Europe or the USA.
  • High rental potential. The pandemic has upended standard ideas about the quality of vacation, and today more and more people prefer independence from hotels and the opportunity to live separately in comfortable conditions and without strict rules. Apartments and villas in Ko Samui are in high demand among tourists, which ensures significant rental income.
  • Prospects for further price increases. Whatever changes take place in the global economy, the island’s advantage will remain the limited area for development. The fewer vacant sites for new housing are, the higher the demand and the more expensive secondary properties become.

Buying property on Ko Samui

The database of this platform offers the latest property listings in Ko Samui: real estate from local agencies and developers in all areas of the island. The search system allows you to find the desired property in no time; you just need to set filters by type of housing, number of bedrooms, and cost limit. You can calculate the price in euros and dollars. Our specialists will help you choose and buy property in Ko Samui for investment and living. Start your search now to take advantage of the best deals!