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Off-plan apartments for sale in Thailand

Real estate in Thailand allows you to profitably invest money and ensure passive income. An apartment in an off-plan residential complex at the price of the developer will increase your capital by over 10%. By the time the residential project is commissioned, apartments considerably rise in price. Local real estate agencies note an annual increase in the cost of off-plan apartments, especially in such popular areas as Phuket and Bangkok. Thus, apartments for sale from a developer in Thailand is a great investment option for foreigners because of the following reasons:

  • value capitalization;
  • opportunities for stable passive income.

In such resort regions as Pattaya, Krabi, Koh Samui, the ROIs for buy-to-let apartments can reach 10% per annum.

Off-plan apartments and flats at prices from developers

Off-plan apartment units in Thailand offer the most attractive prices. The closer the commission date, the higher the prices. This approach allows you to invest in housing with significant benefits. The goal of the purchase does not matter. An off-plan unit is a great solution regardless of whether you are looking for a second home, an option for relocation or a buy-to-let apartment. That will be a profitable investment in all these cases. For Russians and citizens of other countries, the authorities provide only one restriction: the share of a foreigner within one condominium cannot exceed 49%. This balance is easiest to maintain when the property is under construction. It is not only the low cost of an apartment in a residential complex at the excavation stage that stimulates the purchase, but also a wide choice of layouts.

Apartments in off-plan residential complexes in Thailand

Developers in Thailand are competing for property buyers. Therefore, they carry out their projects in accordance with modern requirements to ensure maximum comfort. The low cost of off-plan apartments in Thailand is just one of the advantages. The benefits of buying such an apartment also include:

  • housing completely ready to move in;
  • modern design that features top-quality furniture and household appliances;
  • guaranteed security of the transaction as the developer is responsible for their debt obligations to the state authorities.

Thai apartments under construction from the developer can be found not only on the seacoast. The northern part of the country and its large metropolitan areas are being built up as actively as popular resorts.

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