Penthouses in Thailand

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Buy penthouse in Thailand

Many entrepreneurs decide to buy penthouse in Thailand for permanent residence and investment. Due to increasing demand for the rental and purchase of housing, the country has seen a steady increase in land prices. Therefore, these investments pay off in a short time and bring stable profits.

A favorable factor contributing to the growth of the Thai real estate market is its developing infrastructure. In Thailand, facilities are being built that make life in the country as comfortable as possible. There are modern roads, medical facilities, parks, shopping centers and more. Developers are designing exclusive establishments such as restaurants, hotels, bars, and casinos to attract tourists.

To save money and increase profits, entrepreneurs rent out purchased penthouses. This strategy is considered the most profitable because the average income of the landlord is 5-12%. Before investing in Thai housing, familiarize yourself with the prices and their influencing factors.

Penthouse prices in Thailand

For information on current prices of real estate in Thailand look in our website’s catalog. In the table below, you can analyze the factors that influence the average cost of a plot:

Area 250 sq m 262 sq m 280 sq m
Number of bedrooms 2 3 4
Number of bathrooms 2 3 2
Swimming pool Yes Yes Yes
Sea view Yes Yes No
Furnished Full Partial Partial
Average price USD 605,000 USD 841,000 USD 1,382,000

For the convenience of customers, the site also contains a selection of the most reliable developers in Thailand.

Penthouse in Thailand for investment for expats

According to Thai law, citizens of other countries cannot purchase land in the kingdom. Almost all foreign entrepreneurs enter into a long-term lease agreement for this. The maximum term of this agreement is 30 years. After its expiration, both parties usually agree to an additional extension of the lease.

Lifestyle in Thailand

Before buying a luxury penthouse in Thailand with a sea-view and moving permanently, you should study the culture and customs of the local life:

  1. Language. Thai is recognized as the official language but people in the southern and northern provinces use various dialects.
  2. Food. In every region of the country, you can find a unique variation of Thai cuisine. Overall, it can be described as a luxurious blend of sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy flavors.
  3. Family values. Family is one of the most important values ​​of the local culture. Even if Thais move to other countries, they maintain close ties with all their relatives.
  4. Status. In Thailand, a person's status is determined by age, family, work, education, connections, and income level.

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Buying a Thai penthouse to earn money or move to can be a time-consuming and risky process. The website offers not only a catalog of the best houses in Thailand (with current prices in rubles, euros, and dollars) but also assistance from qualified professionals. Contact them today to find your dream penthouse as soon as possible.