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Buy a ready business in Thailand

Demand and prices for commercial real estate in Thailand are significantly lower than in Singapore and Malaysia. This is because these countries have looser legislations in terms of foreign ownership. However, more entrepreneurs are choosing to invest in a ready-made Thai business. There are several reasons for this:

  • Rising local real estate prices;
  • Developing infrastructure;
  • Increasing tourist flow.

These factors make the country a favorable investment environment. Even though the sale of commercial real estate in Thailand to foreigners is prohibited by law, there are some ways to circumvent this formality:

  1. Individuals can invest in a condominium. The foreign quota to own this real estate is 49%. That is, Thais must own at least 51% of the building.
  2. Investors can also register a limited liability company in Thailand that will own the property on behalf of a foreigner.

Commercial property prices in Thailand

The commercial property prices in Thailand depend on a combination of factors such as the type of site, location, size, and general landscape. Most often, foreign investors buy hotels. You can get acquainted with the average cost of this type of property in the table below:

Location of the hotelPattayaSamuiKaron
Area 1670 sq m 2800 sq m 1684 sq m
Number of rooms 14 22 15
Number of floors 2 3 4
Distance from the beach 250 m 200 m 200 m
Swimming pool Yes No Yes
Average price USD 1,710,000 USD 1,559,000 USD 3,802,000

To get acquainted with the current prices (in rubles, euros, and dollars) for hotels and houses in Thailand, visit our website.

Investments in commercial property for sale in Thailand

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world and Thailand as a whole attracts tens of millions of foreign travelers every year. Not surprisingly, hotel accommodation is in high demand here.

It is predicted that more tourists from India, China, and the UAE will visit Thailand in the future. At the moment, the leading countries in this segment are:

  • USA;
  • China;
  • Japan;
  • Hong Kong;
  • South Korea.

4 or 5-star hotels that represent the medium and high price segment are in huge demand – about 70% of tourists prefer them over other options. Hotel occupancy rates are quite high in Bangkok, ranging from 80 to 90%. The same statistics can be observed in other cities of the kingdom. That makes the cost of renting out rooms and accordingly, the income of hotel owners rise significantly.

We will help you buy commercial property in Thailand

The best time to make a commercial property investment in Thailand is now. The pandemic has affected the country's economy, significantly reducing the prices of local buildings. When the situation returns to its previous level (according to forecasts, this will happen in the next 2-3 years), entrepreneurs who manage to invest in hotels or other types of real estate will be able to double their income. To find the most profitable investment option from a trusted real estate agency in Thailand, contact our specialists right now.