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Apartments in new buildings in Phuket

Phuket remains one of the popular destinations for foreigners. Having once visited the island with magnificent nature, many people come back and also start thinking about buying real estate in Thailand buy-to-live as well as buy-to-let options. Apartments in new buildings in Phuket bring a stable income. In addition, the cost of new apartments is more friendly compared to similar options in European resorts. Among the advantages of investing in apartments in residential projects in Phuket are:

  • value capitalization. Local real estate agencies note that annually the prices for new apartments in Phuket increase by 3-5%. The final cost depends on the location and property's amenities;
  • passive income. With professional property management by licensed companies, the ROIs can reach 7–10% per year.

Buying a new apartment is an opportunity to invest your money wisely and ensure stable income.

Apartments and flats at the price of the developer

Apartments for sale in residential complexes at the developer's price bring plenty of benefits. Developers in Thailand offer a variety of options, from front line condominiums to houses in the central part of the region. It is most profitable to invest money at the stage of the launch of sales. In this case, buying an apartment at the price of a developer in Phuket allows you to save up to 30% of the cost. By the time the property is ready to move in, prices automatically increase.

Apartments for sale from a developer in Phuket to foreigners are available in any part of the island. The only exception is that according to the law, the share of property owned by foreigners within one condominium cannot exceed 49%. Therefore, the largest number of property deals is available to nationals of other countries at the initial stage of construction.

New apartment prices in Phuket, Thailand

Apartments in a new building for investment and permanent residence fully meet modern requirements for comfortable housing. The final cost of new apartments in Thailand depends on several factors:

  • area and number of bedrooms;
  • design's quality;
  • amenities in the condominium (for instance, a swimming pool, a playground, a fitness centre, etc).

You can check out current prices in euros and dollars on Thailand-Real.Estate.

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