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Condos for sale in Chonburi

The city of Chonburi is the capital of the province of this name, located in the eastern part of Thailand. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand and provides great opportunities for beach holidays. Since this area is not very popular with tourists, the region is also suitable for buying housing for relocation. Chonburi offers a wide range of investment property for all budgets. In this region real estate in Thailand is cheaper than in popular resorts. In addition to affordable prices, investment property in this region has many other advantages. For instance:

  • annual capitalization of the housing cost, as real estate prices in the country tend to rise;
  • the possibility of obtaining passive income from renting out the property.

Apartments in a condominium in Chonburi can be rented out by a management company that not only searches for tenants but also monitors the condition of the housing. This option is especially convenient for foreigners as they receive a net profit without any effort.

Condos prices in Chonburi, Thailand

The cost of an apartment in a condo in Chonburi depends on the area, the number of rooms and amenities of the residential project. Real estate developers in Thailand meet the quality requirements and ensure modern amenities. Therefore, you can easily find both compact and spacious apartments in a residential complex with a private pool and landscaped area. The real estate market offers housing options at the following prices:

  • condominium with one bedroom - from €19,000;
  • apartments in a condominium in Chonburi with two bedrooms - from €150,000.

It is important to bear in mind that prices directly depend on the economic situation in the country, the demand, so they may change. The most profitable option is buying an apartment in a condominium in Chonburi, Thailand at the stage of construction. From the start of sales to the commissioning of the project, the cost may increase by 20-30%.

Condos for investment in Chonburi for foreigners

Chonburi condominium apartments for investment and permanent residence can be purchased by nationals of any country. To make a transaction, a residence permit is not required. Foreigners can buy real estate in any of the condominiums, while the share of ownership of non-residents must not exceed 49% of the area. By law, at least 51% of the housing stock of any of the complexes must be owned by Thai nationals. Legally, the process of buying an apartment is much easier than houses in Thailand. By law, foreigners are allowed to own any type of real estate, while the construction land plot can only be leased for a long term.

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