• Records 2022. What surprised Thailand?

    Thailand is a country that was hit hard by the global coronavirus pandemic. Tourism, one of the leading industries in the country, was put on hold. However, in 2022, the authorities have stabilised the economic situation in the country, attracting millions of tourists to the kingdom and increasing revenues. Real estate in Thailand, purchased in...

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  • What to buy in Thailand in 2023?

    Thailand has always attracted Russian tourists and property buyers with its warm climate, moderate living expenses, and variety of entertainment. Buying villas in Thailand has been extremely popular with Russians wanting a second home in the tropics. The coronavirus epidemic and other shocks of recent years have seriously changed the Thai economy....

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  • Premium housing in Thailand: Phuket or Pattaya?

    In 2022, Russians took 1st place among foreign nationals interested in purchasing real estate in Thailand. With this ranking, they shifted the leading position of Chinese residents. Russians choose the kingdom not only for tourism or permanent residence but also for investing in real estate. If you compare apartments in development projects in...

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  • Five (5) figures that will excite Thai real estate investors

    Real estate in Thailand is still amongst the most alluring markets in Southeast Asia. The income of Thai homeowners will increase as a result of new local government initiatives, economic growth, and a recovery in the tourism sector. We’ll explore what numbers Thailand can entice investors with below. Content: Foreigners will be entitled to own...

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  • Aspects to take note of when buying property in Thailand

    When buying property abroad, you don't always know all the details of the process in a new country and it's easy to become confused and miss something important. What should you pay attention to in Thailand, so as not to regret the purchase later? It is important to remember the Kingdom’s restrictions on real estate purchasing by a foreigner. A...

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  • Top 5 reasons to move to Thailand for permanent residency

    If you have been considering moving to another country or buying property abroad, then naturally the question of which country to choose would have arisen. In this article, we’ll discuss the five main reasons why you should pay attention to the Kingdom of Thailand. In 2022, Thailand entered the top ten most popular countries for foreigners to move...

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  • What Kind of Real Estate Can One Expect to Buy in Thailand after Selling a Property in Russia?

    Currently, an increasing number of Russians wish to sell their properties in Russia and buy residential real estate units in Thailand. In 2022, Thailand became one of the top 10 countries where Russians prefer to purchase real estate. The Kingdom is not one of the most expensive countries to purchase a home to live in, and therefore attracts...

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  • Is it reasonable to invest in real estate in Thailand during such uncertain period of time?

    Nowadays, it’s not easy for anyone as the world’s economic and financial situation is even more unstable than during the COVID-19 epidemic. Many people are thinking about moving and buying real estate abroad, but is it a good idea to invest in real estate in Thailand now? Or is it better to wait? According to experts, Thailand entered the list as...

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  • Real Estate Insurance in Thailand. What You Need To Know

    Property insurance in Thailand is feasible but not obligatory and is your decision to make. In this article, we’ll discuss all the aspects of real estate insurance in the kingdom. Property insurance will help you to not be alone when there is a problem: e.g., if your property is destroyed by a natural disaster or third parties. Natural disasters...

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  • The Most Frequently Asked Questions Before Purchasing a Property in Thailand

    Content: Can a foreigner own a property in Thailand? What taxes are to be paid when purchasing a property or leasing it out? Can a foreigner lease a property out legally? What are the responsibilities of a property management company? Does a real estate owner receive any visa privileges? Can a foreigner receive a mortgage loan in...

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