• Apartment or house. Which is better to choose in Thailand for permanent residence?

    When moving to Thailand for permanent residence, real estate becomes quite an important topic. Rent or buy? House or apartment? If you decide to purchase a property, you need to first choose the best type of property. Condominium apartments, duplexes (houses for two families), townhouses, and detached houses are the most common in Thailand. Each...

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  • Exclusive offerings for the select few: what does the most prestigious real estate in Thailand look like?

    The Thailand regions most popular among foreign buyers are Bangkok (the Kingdom’s capital) and resort areas on the South and East coast. High-end real estate is found in many parts of the country. Read on to find out about Thailand’s most popular locations for luxurious living. Content: Bangkok Resort districts Bangkok Bangkok has both...

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  • Which is more profitable for an investor – buying vacant premises or an existing business in Thailand?

    Have you ever considered purchasing real estate in Thailand as an investment? This is a good source of passive income, as experts forecast a rental yield of 5 – 10% per annum for Thai properties and even higher in exceptional cases. A buy-to-rent apartment or house is a viable option. Thailand is extremely popular among tourists, which translates...

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  • Online purchase of real estate in Thailand

    Content: What is virtual property viewing? Complete the transaction remotely The era of the Covid-19 pandemic is over, countries’ borders have opened up, and travelers can visit Thailand again without special permits and certificates. However, the pandemic has changed our lives forever. This unusual period has shown that many tasks can be...

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  • Who buys real estate in Thailand?

    As of the first half of 2022, the Thai real estate market is still recovering from the consequences of the pandemic that caused the suspension of construction and reduced the demand for homes from both the local population and foreign buyers. The market is now reviving, as new trends in customer preferences are emerging.   Thai buyers...

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  • Current situation in the Thailand real estate market: an overview

    The COVID-19 pandemic caused grave harm to Thailand’s economy. The absence of tourists affected the country’s prosperity, particularly in resort regions where tourism is the key source of income for the local population. Content: The situation in the country Foreign demand for Thailand’s real estate Demand for apartments in resort areas from...

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  • Real estate in Thailand: What can you buy for ฿10 million in 2022?

    Prices in real estate markets are changing rapidly under the influence of political and economic events in the world. Let us take a closer look at what is on offer in the real estate market in Thailand and the current cost to the buyer (in 2022). The real estate market in Thailand is diverse, you can find both inexpensive small studios and luxury...

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  • Work in Thailand for foreigners in 2022:  where and how to find employment and salary expectations

    If you are thinking of moving to Thailand, you will probably face the issue of finding employment in the country. Are there any restrictions on the employment of foreigners? How does one go about finding a job? You can read about these issues in this article. First of all, you need to understand that the Thailand government and laws protect the...

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  • Help for the investor: how to open a bank account in Thailand for a foreigner?

    For a comfortable life in Thailand, you will need a local bank account. You don't need a Thai bank account to buy real estate, but you will need it to receive income from renting out the real estate. Documents required for opening a bank account A foreigner has the right to open an account in a bank of Thailand. But this requires a number of...

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  • Top 10 reasons to move to Thailand

    Thailand is one of the most popular vacation destinations for Europeans. Once having been there, people come back again and again. Moreover, many decide to move to this tropical country. Why does Thailand attract foreigners so much? We have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons to move to Thailand for permanent residence! Climate. Thailand...

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