Marketing ploys: how to avoid emotional impulses when buying property in Phuket

Marketing ploys: how to avoid emotional impulses when buying property in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most sought-after locations in the tropical kingdom for those looking to buy property in Thailand. However, the island's genuine charm and beauty, combined with the eagerness to quickly own a personal slice of paradise, can prompt inexperienced buyers to make impulsive decisions. Some fall into the well-laid traps of unscrupulous sellers.

This article will discuss how to avoid common marketing tricks and make a rational decision.


5 marketing traps to watch out for

In the sale of property in Phuket, as in many other places in Thailand and the world, various advertising tricks are used to attract as many buyers as possible. While many of these may be truthful, it is important to make the final decision wisely and be able to filter information.

What schemes should you always be aware of?

Marketing ploys: how to avoid emotional impulses when buying property in Phuket

Manufactured urgency

Sellers create an illusion of limited availability or high demand, thereby pushing the buyer to act without thinking. This could be a time-limited offer, an enticing discount promotion, or claims that the property will soon be sold.

The goal of such tricks is to capture the client's attention and compel them to make a decision right there and then, without giving them ample time to think.

How to avoid falling for it:

  • Don't rush. Don't succumb to pressure from the seller or agent claiming that the offer is time-sensitive or that there are other interested buyers. Give yourself enough time to inspect the property and conduct independent research.
  • Do your own market research. Compare the property in question with other new development projects in Thailand or similar listings. This will help you determine if the urgency is real or it is just a marketing ploy.
  • Consult an independent real estate agent. Seek advice from an experienced and independent realtor who can provide you with objective information. A specialist will help you understand whether the hype is real and offer sensible recommendations.

Price manipulation

This refers to an offer with an initially low cost, which can significantly increase during the transaction. Alternatively, an unrealistically high amount might be used to create an impression of “exceptional value” and attractiveness of the item offered.

How to avoid falling for it:

  • Check other offers. Compare the cost of the item with similar ones. This will help you understand how competitive the price is and whether it's linked to the “uniqueness” or “exclusivity” of the property.
  • Research the sales history in the area. If possible, consult public registers and compare with previously registered purchases to ensure the price is current and reasonable.
  • Ask questions. Don't hesitate to inquire about the price with the seller. Request a rationale for the pricing, find out if it includes any additional expenses or payments that may affect the final amount. Be persistent and demand transparency regarding the cost.

Selling the “Dream”

Through vivid advertising and appealing photographs, an idealised view of life in Phuket is created. Marketing materials often highlight the beaches, stunning views, and luxurious design rather than the actual features and condition of apartments or villas in Thailand.

How to avoid being misled:

  • Focus on the specifics. Resist being swayed by the emotional appeal of colourful illustrations or promotional promises. Instead, concentrate on the objective characteristics of the living space, such as its size, number of rooms, and the availability of additional amenities, etc.
  • If the property is ready and handed over, visit it personally. Don't just rely on photographs or videos. To truly assess the condition of the property, you need to visit it yourself. This will help you gain a realistic understanding of the property and avoid disappointment.
  • Ask for and insist on documentation. Question the seller or agent about all aspects, including terms of sale, condition of the apartment, certificates, and legal information. Demand all documentation and conduct additional checks to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Hidden costs

Some sellers might subtly mention additional expenses, such as commission fees, taxes, or mandatory service charges. This can lead to unexpected costs for the buyer that weren't anticipated initially.

How to protect yourself:

  • Carefully review the terms of the deal. Before signing any agreement, thoroughly check all terms and restrictions. Pay close attention to clauses related to commissions, taxes, legal expenses, and any additional charges.
  • Discuss all expenses upfront. Speak with a real estate agent to identify any possible hidden costs associated with the property purchase.
  • Request a comprehensive financial breakdown. Ask the seller or agent for a complete financial summary that includes all potential expenses related to the property purchase. This will help you understand the total cost and avoid surprises.

Promises not backed by documentation

Some advertisements or marketing materials may contain false information about the properties or advantageous terms of the housing being offered, which later cannot be substantiated with documents.

How to avoid being deceived:

  • Demand documentary evidence immediately. Always ask the seller or estate agent for written confirmation of all promises or statements made during negotiations or property presentations. This can be in the form of an official letter or a signed document.
  • Don't just rely on information provided by the seller or agent. Conduct your own investigation to verify the truth and reliability of the promises.
  • Carefully review the contract. Before finalising a deal or signing a preliminary agreement, scrutinise the terms to ensure they reflect all the stated commitments. Make sure every discussed point is included in the agreement.

Marketing ploys: how to avoid emotional impulses when buying property in Phuket


It's important to note that not all sellers employ such marketing tactics. There are reliable agencies and developers who operate honestly and transparently. To ensure a successful transaction and ultimate satisfaction with your purchase, it's crucial to conduct independent research or consult professionals who can oversee the process and uncover all necessary information.

Remember: your comfort and the safety of your funds should be a priority. Don't let your emotions be manipulated, don't hesitate to ask questions and conduct additional research if the situation requires it.

To find verified properties without hidden commissions from confirmed owners and developers, visit Thailand-Real.Estate. If you need to consult with a specialist, leave a request, and we will get in touch with you promptly!

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