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Properties for sale in Bangkok

Buying property in Bangkok is an affordable opportunity to expand your investment portfolio. The capital of Thailand is one of the largest cities in the country with an actively developing infrastructure. Here you can choose both residential but also commercial properties. Investments in office buildings and shopping centers are potentially profitable, as they provide stable and high income.

Condominium apartments in Thailand are also a worthwhile investment. Overseas housing is a stable and profitable asset. The capital attracts thousands of tourists as well as expats from all over the world, therefore real estate here is always in demand.

The local legislation allows foreigners to buy real estate in Bangkok. However, non-residents of the Kingdom must be aware of laws that do not allow expats to own land. If you buy a house, the land underneath it can only be rented. This practice is called leasehold and is widely used throughout Southeast Asia.

Also, property in Thailand within one condominium must be 51% owned by Thai nationals. Foreigners can buy only 49% of units. Therefore, we recommend purchasing off-plan housing in Bangkok, when quota restrictions for nationals of other countries are minimal. Investing in real estate under development also open up opportunities for choosing higher-class real estate, since prices are lower at the start of sales. In the future, you can resell the apartment for several tens of percent more expensive. The difference in the cost of luxury properties in Bangkok can reach 100%.

The city, with an area of 1,570 km², has many locations for purchasing a home. One of the most popular areas of the capital is Chinatown. This lively area attracts tourists with its temples, large number of restaurants and shops. Luxury real estate can be found in the central areas of the capital, including Chidlom, Ploenchit, Sathorn, Silom. Another investment-friendly destination is the area around Sukhumvit Road. This street is home to the best boutiques in the city as well as entertainment venues. In addition, those planning to buy real estate in Bangkok should consider locations near the central metro lines. As a rule, tenants prefer housing in places with good transport accessibility.

Property prices in Bangkok

The cost of property in Bangkok are higher than in other regions of the kingdom, as the city is one of the ten most expensive in Southeast Asia. The pricing policy is influenced by the type of unit, area and how prestigious the residential complex is. Average prices are as follows:

  • studio apartment – $95,000
  • 1-bedroom unit – $159,000
  • 2-bedroom unit – $443,000
  • 4-bedroom residence – $956,000

In fact, you can buy both cheaper and more expensive housing options. For instance, at the time of publication of this article, there is a residence for sale with 4 bedrooms priced at $1.3 million and a penthouse with the same number of rooms for $1.4 million. A 4-bedroom villa in Thailand is offered for $2.3 million. There are also more expensive villas. However, you can find a mansion of similar size, the price of which will be within $600,000. Townhouses are often even cheaper.

Investment property in Bangkok

There are several reasons why you should buy Bangkok property:

  • The country is actively developing and has a stable economy. GDP in 2022 increased by 2.6%. Bangkok can be considered the center of gravity in Thailand, and the city maintains a strong growth rate, which was not affected even by the pandemic. One of the factors contributing to the economic stability of this city is export-oriented industries. Taken together, these circumstances contribute to population growth and increased demand for housing.
  • Development of transport infrastructure. Scaling the metro and suburban transport makes it easy to travel around the city, which improves the quality of life and expands the possible geography for buying property.
  • Stable rental market. Both condominiums and condo-hotels are in high demand. Foreigners can buy real estate for sale in Bangkok in a hotel complex and achieve a higher investment return than purchasing a condominium. Another advantage of such an investment is the possibility of generating income remotely. All housing management is handled by a local company.
  • High tourist flow. Plenty of cultural attractions, authentic cuisine and vibrant nightlife attract holidaymakers from all over the world. And many of them prefer to rent housing, which allows them to enjoy a private lifestyle.
  • Return on investment. The annual increase in the value of real estate allows you to resell it at a higher price. The ROI for condominiums reaches 7–8%, which ensures stable rental income.

Buying property in Bangkok

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