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Villas for Sale in Phuket

Foreign investors can buy houses for sale in Phuket, Thailand, and become the owners of profitable overseas real estate. The island remains one of the Kingdom of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting millions of travellers every year. The warm climate and beautiful nature are points of interest not only to those planning a holiday but also to those looking for a new place to live. Foreign buyers are choosing houses in Phuket as investment properties because real estate in the kingdom’s resort locations offers high returns and you can receive rental income throughout the year.

The island has a well-developed transport infrastructure, with the international airport receiving daily flights from different parts of the world. It is planned to build another international airport, which will also increase transport accessibility in the area. The island, 50 kilometres long and 20 kilometres wide, has a complex natural landscape, part of which is mountain and almost 70% of the area is occupied by national parks and reserves. The island is being actively developed, but it is important to bear in mind that the limited territory does not allow for infinite construction of new developments. Therefore, over time, an increase in the cost of houses in Phuket is simply inevitable.

There are many popular locations on the island where you can buy house  in Phuket. The areas are named after the beaches closest to them. In the east, the coastline is rocky and there are coral reefs, making it difficult to swim at low tide. The western and southern parts of the territories are most in demand, as they provide access to comfortable beaches. The most famous among them is Patong. Housing in resort locations such as Laguna, Karon, and Bang Tao will also be profitable.

Foreigners can buy property in Thailand freehold or leasehold. You can purchase a condominium apartment or a house in private ownership, however, if a villa for sale in Phuket is in personal ownership, then the land under it can only be leased. The duration of the leasehold is 30 years, which can then be extended twice, so the total lease period reaches 90 years.

Investment house in Phuket

There are five reasons in favour of investing in houses in Phuket:

  • Potentially profitable asset. Even with inflation, real estate continues to rise in price. Thailand has seen steady economic growth over the past 10 years, making the outlook for the housing market even brighter. Given the development of transport infrastructure and urbanisation of cities, as well as the large number of tourists, we can confidently state that the demand for properties will only grow.
  • A rapidly developing real estate market with limited competition. The housing demand is growing, which has a direct impact on the cost of villas in Phuket and over time, the number of offers will decrease due to limited land, which will lead to an even greater increase in prices.
  • Reasonable property prices and low maintenance costs. Compared to resorts in Europe and the USA, the kingdom offers more affordable homes, the maintenance of which will cost less. The tax system is also very attractive. The property tax adopted in most European countries is not levied. Income tax rates are also quite low.
  • High investment potential. If you consider buying villas in Phuket at the beginning of construction, then once the project is complete, you can make a profit of up to 30% of the original price.
  • Possibility of year-round income. The country is warm throughout the year, so tourists visit it not only during the peak season but also in other months. There are guaranteed return projects on the island, offering a rental yield of up to 10%.

You do not even need to reside in the kingdom to make money. Once a villa in Thailand is delivered, a local agency takes over its management. The agency finds tenants, moves them in and out, and monitors the condition of the property. The owner receives the amount outlined in the contract within the specified time frame.

Houses prices in Phuket

The price of a Phuket house for sale depends on several of its characteristics:

  • area and number of bedrooms
  • proximity to the sea
  • reputation of the area
  • additional amenities such as a private pool or gym

Average prices range from USD 327,000 for a two-bedroom house for sale in Phuket to USD 2.15 million for a seven-bedroom unit. However, it is important to note that this is only the median cost. At the time the article was published you could see a wider range of villa prices  in Phuket:

  • three bedrooms — USD 412,000
  • four bedrooms — USD 880,000
  • five bedrooms — USD 1.2 million
  • six bedrooms — USD 1.3 million

The price range is quite wide, which allows you to choose the best Phuket villa for sale with any budget. Homes start at USD 300,000 and connoisseurs of exclusive real estate are offered a property worth USD 5 million.

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