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Villas for sale in Kathu

Kathu is a small provincial district located halfway between Phuket Town and Patong Beach. There are a few temples, several wall paintings and an annual festival among the exciting attractions here. Despite the area's fame, it remains quiet enough and tourists rarely add it to their list of places to visit when traveling in Thailand.

Despite this, Kathu real estate continues to be in demand.
This is due to the proximity of the district to Patong and Phuket, as well as the rapid development of the restaurant business. With small steps, Kathu is beginning to win the title of the center of Thai cuisine. That is why, when choosing real estate in Thailand by the sea, this promising area should definitely be considered.

House prices in Kathu

Since Kathu is just beginning to develop as a tourist destination, real estate is cheaper here than in other districts of Phuket. Prices for villas in Kathu start at $100-120,000 and can rise depending on the size, furnishings, and overall amenities. The table below shows the average cost of villas in Kathu:

Lot typeVillaHouseCottage
Area 265 m2 180 m2 210 m2
Number of bedrooms 4 3 4
Number of bathrooms 3 3 2
Pool availability Yes No Yes
Furnishings Complete Complete Partial
Average price $587,00 $314,000 $393,000

Investment villa in Kathu

Kathu is considered one of the most promising districts in Phuket. The tourism industry here is only in the first stages of development so experienced entrepreneurs are actively buying villas in Kathu for expats, being aware that beach house investments in Kathu, Thailand will increase in price several times in the coming years. Here are the top reasons why foreign investors decide to buy villas in Kathu for investment and permanent residence:

  • Developing tourist infrastructure (as already mentioned, more and more premium restaurants and other leisure facilities are being built in the area to attract traveling foreigners);
  • Foreigners can buy beach villas in Kathu, Thailand without Thai citizenship (according to the law on land ownership, foreigners have the right to buy Kathu home in a condominium or a villa in Kathu);
  • Proximity to Phuket and Patong (many tourists rent a house in Kathu for this reason);
  • Most of the houses for sale in Kathu, Thailand are well-landscaped (they have a swimming pool, garden, terrace or gazebo).

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