Townhouses in Phuket

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Townhouse in Phuket for investment

The Phuket real estate market has been attracting foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest in luxury townhouses in Phuket by the sea for several years now. Buying a house on a tourist island promises a stable rental income of 5-10% per annum. The decision to invest in Phuket can be justified by the following factors:

  • Attractive real estate prices;
  • Economic stability in the country;
  • Promising investment opportunities;
  • Large tourist flow.

Purchasing a townhouse in Phuket (for investment and permanent residence) is a profitable strategy that will help save an entrepreneur’s money as well as multiply their income.

Townhouse prices in Phuket, Thailand

The cost of real estate in Thailand is influenced by several factors. You can get acquainted with the factors specific to Phuket townhouses in the table below:

LocationBang Tao BeachPatong BeachKaron Beach
Area 283 sq m 230 sq m 120 sq m
Number of bedrooms 4 1 1
Number of bathrooms 4 3 1
Swimming pool Yes No No
Sea view No Yes No
Furnishing Full Full Full
Average price USD 450,000 USD 312,000 USD 183,000

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Townhouses for sale in Phuket

For foreign entrepreneurs, buying a townhouse in Phuket is a completely feasible task. Even though Thai law prohibits citizens of other countries from owning land in their own name, the Thai government still encourages foreign investment. Here are the two most common solutions to this problem:

  1. Before purchasing real estate, the buyer can apply to the Land Department to conclude a long-term land lease agreement (up to 30 years). At the end of the term, the agreement can be easily extended.
  2. A foreigner can register a limited liability company in Thailand that will own the land on his behalf.

Lifestyle in Phuket

Before buying a townhouse in Phuket, check out a few facts about life on this island:

  1. The local population consists of native Thais, Thai Chinese, ethnic Malays, and Sea Gypsies. Therefore, although 95% of Thailand professes Buddhism, representatives of Islam predominate among the inhabitants of Phuket.
  2. The main agricultural products are pineapples, palm oil, and rubber.
  3. The island has one of the largest Buddha statues in Thailand with a height of 45 meters.
  4. Phuket's climate is warm and humid. The highest temperatures may be experienced from March to early May and the coldest from November to February.

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