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Buy house in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the largest cities in Asia. Each year, millions of tourists flood the area. This makes investing in real estate in Thailand profitable. Many investors buy villas in Bangkok. Prices for villas in Bangkok are more advantageous than European real estate. Judging by the opinions of foreigners, Pattaya is the second most popular seaside resort. However, you need to remember that well-developed infrastructure requires a larger house investment in Bangkok, Thailand. Most people prefer comfortable property with swimming pools abroad. This is why the demand for villas in Bangkok for investment and permanent residence is always growing.

House prices in Bangkok

The cost of villas in Bangkok depends on the location, number of bedrooms, condition and facilities. The quality of renovations is also important in a house in Bangkok. We outline several pricing examples below. Keep in mind that prices fluctuate due to the quality of housing and the market situation. Sometimes, factors like demand and exchange rates reduce prices. It is best to verify real estate prices in Bangkok prior to purchasing. Prices are available in euros and dollars.

  • 4-bedroom cottage at €2,600,000.
  • 5-bedroom villa with a swimming pool at €3,000,000.
  •  6-bedroom elite house for €5,000,000.

The larger the size, the higher the price in houses for sale in Bangkok, Thailand. In line with this, real estate agencies in Thailand show that there is gradual price growth in all sectors of the real estate market. Even the pandemic did not dramatically reduce prices for apartments in Thailand.

Investment villa in Bangkok

The capital of the kingdom is the most crowded city. Housing here is in demand by both newcomers and job hunters. By law, foreigners can own real estate fully but not the land on it. Land can only be owned by Thai citizens. The land can be leased in the long term and this does not affect living standards or ownership rights, when foreign nationals buy villa in Bangkok, Thailand. Taking into account the stable rise in prices, investing in real estate in Bangkok boasts profitability for long-term investments. Moreover, leasing out is considered to be even more lucrative. Buying villas in Bangkok for expats is possible but leasing it out should be reliable. Fully licensed managing companies can organize short-term rentals. Owners often recruit them to get rid of the administrative fuss and enjoy the advantages of a passive income.

Villas for sale in Bangkok

Aggregator Thailand-Real.Estate can assist in buying property in Bangkok for foreigners. When you buy Bangkok home, the catalog can suggest real estate in Bangkok from developers and agencies in parts of the kingdom, from Phuket to Samui and Krabi. The site caters to various budgets, from houses or cottages to an apartment in a newly-built housing complex.