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Villas for sale in Bangkok

A villa for sale in Bangkok can be a potentially profitable investment or make a great home either for holidays or permanent residence. The capital of Thailand is the largest city in the country, boasting well-developed infrastructure and providing a high quality of life. Foreigners can buy house  in Bangkok and be sure of the safety of their investment. The city is visited annually by up to 3 million tourists, which makes real estate in demand. When investing in houses in Bangkok, you can profit from price appreciation by reselling the property or make money by renting it out.

Thailand has special laws regarding foreign housing ownership. Ex-pats are allowed to own a condominium unit, subject to the non-resident quota. It is 49%, while 51% of the area must be registered in the name of citizens. Foreigners can also buy houses for sale in Bangkok, Thailand, but the land under it will be owned through a long-term lease (leasehold). The lease duration is 30 years, and the use period can then be extended twice up to 90 years. Leasehold has a significant advantage as it lowers the cost of houses in Bangkok. This practice seems unusual to residents of Europe but is standard for Southeast Asian countries. A long-term lease does not limit your rights to dispose of a villa in Thailand and you can sell, bequeath, or gift it.

The city offers a wide range of real estate properties. You can choose a small Bangkok house for sale or pick a luxury home with a private pool in a gated community. Many areas in the capital are worth considering when you decide to purchase real estate, including:

  • Sukhumvit, famous for its several large shopping malls and extensive nightlife opportunities
  • Siam, which is often chosen by relocating families with children
  • Sathorn, one of the greenest districts
  • Watthana, which is home to many international restaurants
  • Silom, the city’s business district

These are the largest locations with popular real estate.

Investment house in Bangkok

There are five standout reasons you should consider a Bangkok villa for sale:

  • Steadily developing economy. The developing economy drives an influx of labour employed in various industries and this contributes to an increase in real estate demand.
  • Convenient location and access to an international airport, allowing you to get not only to any part of Asia but also to other continents around the world.
  • A developing real estate market and increasing housing demand due to the urbanisation of the city.
  • Rising prices of Bangkok houses for sale. It is most profitable to invest at the beginning of construction because, upon completion, the price appreciates by up to 30%.
  • Possibility of receiving passive income. Foreigners can rent out a house or apartment in Thailand. The annual return reaches 8% and the final sum of income depends on the specific property and its appeal in the eyes of potential tenants.

To receive rental income, the owner does not need to reside in the Kingdom of Thailand permanently. Many developers and local companies offer foreigners buying villas in Bangkok a guaranteed income programme for a nominal fee. Under it, specialists find tenants and move them in and out. Owners of villas in Bangkok receive the amount specified in the contract without needing to make any effort whatsoever.

House prices in Bangkok

The cost of villas in Bangkok depends on several basic factors:

  • location
  • year of commissioning
  • area of the building and land plot
  • quality of finishes
  • reputation of the residential complex and the availability of additional amenities

At the time the article was published, a fairly wide range of villa prices  in Bangkok was evident:

  • a three-bedroom home can be purchased for both USD 85,000 and USD 776,000
  • The lowest price of a four-bedroom unit is USD 65,000, while a high-end option is offered at USD 2.3 million
  • A five-bedroom house for sale in Bangkok costs USD 718,000.

Premium Bangkok villas for sale cost several million dollars. For example, an eight-bedroom home is priced at USD 4.2 million.

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