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Villas for Sale in Thailand

Buying villas in Thailand is a dream for many who have had the chance to witness the local beauty at least once. The country, with snow-white beaches, lush greenery, and azure ocean waters beckons with its relaxed lifestyle, climate and prices. However, the most important thing is that it is quite possible to make such a dream come true since property in Thailand is reasonably priced.

The kingdom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. In 2023, it was visited by over 24 million holidaymakers and this is not even close to the largest possible number. Due to the closure of borders during the pandemic, tourist arrivals decreased significantly and have not yet fully recovered. In 2019, this figure reached 38 million per year. Such interest in the country creates real estate demand since many visitors prefer to rent housing. This allows you to consider buying a house for sale in Thailand, not only as a holiday home but also as a potentially profitable investment.

Foreigners can own housing under private ownership or through a long-term lease. The latter is called leasehold ownership and applies to the land plot that the building sits on. The total lease term is up to 90 years. This practice, common in Southeast Asia, does not in any way infringe on the rights of the owner.

The kingdom has many sought-after areas. Foreigners can buy house  in Thailand in one of the popular resort destinations, the largest being Pattaya and Phuket with their well-developed tourist infrastructure. If you want to find a location with a more peaceful atmosphere, you should consider Koh Samui. This island does not have as active nightlife as Phuket does. Housing is just as in-demand in Bangkok, the capital of the state. A tenth of the country’s total population lives here, and the number of visitors is growing year by year. In Bangkok, you can also consider buying condos in Thailand.

Investment house in Thailand

There are several reasons why investing in villas in Thailand is worth it:

  • A steadily developing economy of the country that has not faced a recession, even during the pandemic. Scaling of transport infrastructure, urbanisation of cities and strong tourist arrivals make local real estate in demand. The kingdom continues to develop, increasing the number of roads and attracting foreign investment.
  • Lack of seasonality. Even during the rainy season, holidaymakers continue to arrive in the country, since tropical downpours do not interfere with enjoying the warm climate and exploring cultural attractions and national cuisine.
  • Rapidly developing real estate sector. According to experts, in the coming years, it will expand by another 6–8% due to growing demand. Prices are still affordable but continue to increase, therefore, in Bangkok and other key areas, they have doubled over the past few years. This allows you to make a profit from the resale of real estate.
  • Rental yield amounting to 5–7% of net profit. In premium tourist locations, it can reach 10%.

To make a profit from renting out villas in Thailand, you do not have to reside in the country. Many agencies offer a trust management service: they find tenants and look after the property themselves, while the owner receives a stable income minus a fee.

House prices  in Thailand

The cost of villas in Thailand is aimed at different budgets. It directly depends on the type of property and its area. Listings can be two- and three-bedroom Thailand homes for sale or luxury residences with five or more bedrooms. The property must have a plot of land isolated from neighbours. One may use it to set up a tropical garden, a relaxation area or a private pool. The more additional amenities offered, the higher the cost of houses in Thailand. Prices tend to rise, so it is advisable to study them immediately before choosing and booking a specific property.

At the time of publication of the article, when searching for a villa for sale, Thailand’s real estate market offers the following options:

  • two bedrooms — USD 45,000
  • three bedrooms — USD 75,200
  • four bedrooms — USD 150,000

However, these examples demonstrate the possibility of buying houses in Thailand at minimal prices. The average cost is USD 255,000. Luxury houses in Thailand will require an even larger amount. For example, a six-bedroom waterfront home on the island of Phuket is offered for USD 7.5 million.

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