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Buy villa in Thailand

Many people who visit Thailand occasionally fall in love with the country and become interested in more regular visits or long vacations by the sea. More often than not, expats consider a house investment in Thailand as one of the best ways to generate passive income. Real estate in Thailand is affordable compared to European resorts and is therefore in high demand. Buying villas in Thailand for expats may be relatively cheap. Destinations popular with foreigners are Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, Krabi and Bangkok. However, this list of regions suitable for vacations or permanent residence can be extended.

House prices in Thailand

The prices for villas in Thailand directly depend on the location, level of comfort and size. A cottage overlooking the sea would be more expensive than a villa at the second line. By law, expats can buy villa in Thailand. However, personal property includes only the building. Land for expats is available for rent. Property ownership does not necessarily guarantee citizenship or a residence permit.

On average, the cost of villas in Thailand is as follows:

  • A house in Thailand of approximately 100m2 is €104K.
  • A villa in Thailand over 200m2 is €300K.
  • Cottages in Thailand with adjoining areas and personal swimming pools start from €500K.

Most houses are enclosed communities with their own managing company and private areas, ensuring a secluded lifestyle separate from the hustle and bustle of tourists.

It is important to know that the closure of borders and the consequences of the world’s pandemic have influenced prices. Currently, Thai real estate agencies offer expats the opportunity to buy villa in Thailand at advantageous prices. Further down the line, prices can grow due to an increase in tourist traffic.

Investment villa in Thailand

Modern Thai housing is in high demand by tourists. New buildings in Thailand fully meet high standards of comfort. Many travelers prefer secluded housing as the peak tourist season brings a lot of noise. Quite often, expats come to the country over the winter period meaning that staying in hotels can be expensive. That’s why houses for sale in Thailand is popular around the year. Villas in Thailand for investment and permanent residence are profitable at 8% and above annually. If the managing company is responsible for issues like rent, expats can buy Thai home and make a profit without much effort.

Houses in Thailand

Aggregator Thailand-Real.Estate offers elite houses on the beach. Real estate offers from developers and local agencies are on display in the catalog. You can make price calculations for a house in Thailand in euros and dollars. Our specialists will assist when choosing property and completing any further sale and purchase procedures.