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Houses for sale in Rayong

Rayong is located on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand and is the northern capital of Thailand. Despite its previously fixed status of an industrial center, this place actively attracts those who want to relax and buy a house in Thailand with a sea view. Thailand-Real.Estate specialists will help a foreigner quickly and safely buy a house in Rayong.

City features

Rayong is a city in the province of the same name in northern Thailand, located on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. The settlement is 58 km from Pattaya and 183 km from the capital of Thailand - Bangkok. A few years ago, the area had the status of an industrial center and was not widely known. However, in the last few years, the situation changed and tourists began to come to the city more often especially those who prefer a secluded vacation. Some of them buy homes in Rayong so that they always have a connection with their favorite place and the opportunity to relax in a warm climate at any time of the year. Moreover, buying property in Thailand or Rayong means getting a potentially profitable asset that will generate passive income.

You can get to Rayong by private transport or bus from Pattaya and Bangkok. The nearest international airport is Utapao, 33 km from the city in the province of Chonburi. It supports international traffic and receives charter flights.

Prices of villas and houses

The average cost of houses in Rayong is EUR 778 per square meter. Foreigners can buy property in the city or its environs starting from EUR 95,300. Currently, the following housing options are available for purchase in Rayong:

  • 2-bedroom house – starting from EUR 92,900;
  • 3-bedroom house – EUR 131,000;
  • 4-bedroom villa – EUR 152,000;
  • Villa with 6 bedrooms – EUR 248,000.

In the catalog, you can find out the current price in rubles, euros, and dollars for the real estate you are interested in.

Investment in a house in Rayong

If you are wondering if villas in Rayong are suitable for investment and permanent residence, our answer is yes, they are. However, it is too early to count on high demand and quick payback. The city began to gain popularity only in the last few years so it remains quite secluded.

Some downshifters and researchers travel around Thailand to discover new interesting places. Thanks to them, couples, pensioners, and young people come here on vacation to enjoy the peace away from the bustle of the city.

We will help you buy a villa in Rayong, Thailand

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