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Apartments for sale in Rayong

Rayong is the northern province of Thailand on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Previously, it had the status of an industrial center and was not accessible to the international community. In recent years, Rayong has had increasing tourist attention particularly for travelers who enjoy private holidays.

Features of Rayong

Rayong Province is located 58 km from Pattaya and 183 km from Bangkok. Despite its good location, stunning landscape, and cultural identity, it is not popular with tourists. The focus of residents is on agricultural production and fishing. The province has become the main supplier of food for Bangkok and Pattaya.

Over the past few years, Rayong has become famous thanks to tourists and adventurous explorers who travel around Thailand and discover new places. Thanks to them, couples, pensioners, and young people come here to enjoy the peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. By Thai standards, the province has affordable housing and interesting attractions.

You can come to Rayong by car or bus from Pattaya and Bangkok. The nearest international airport is in Chonburi, Utapao (33 km from Rayong). It also supports international communication and accepts charter flights from other countries.

Investment in apartments in Rayong

Are you planning to buy an apartment in a new building in Thailand to earn passive income? As Rayong is a modest province that is gradually attracting tourists, real estate in Phuket and Pattaya are the most profitable for maintenance and payback. These are popular resorts with a large tourist flow, making apartments here in higher demand.

Apartment prices in Rayong, Thailand

Many offers on the real estate market of Rayong are apartments in condominiums – low-rise residential complexes with all the amenities necessary for living and recreation. The cost of such housing varies in different areas of Rayong and depends on the characteristics of the apartment and residential complex.

Prices for flats in Rayong depend on its characteristics:

  • Studio – 34,000 euros or more;
  • 1-bedroom apartment – 56,000 euro;
  • 2-bedroom apartment – 89,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom apartment – 119,000 euro.

You can see the current cost of apartments in Rayong in the catalog on our website.

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