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Investment apartments in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is one of the most popular cities in Asia, attractive not only for tourists but also for foreigners who choose real estate in Thailand for investment. The well-developed urban infrastructure, nearby coastline, comfortable climatic conditions, and affordable housing prices make it a popular city for investment.

Apartments’ prices in Bangkok

The cost of apartments in Bangkok depends on the living space, the number of rooms, and location. Housing on the beachfront of the Bangkok resort is the most expensive. The cost per square meter can start from $3,000 in fully-equipped, residential complexes. Prices for flats in Bangkok located a kilometer or more away from the coastline are lower. Foreigners can buy real estate at the following prices:

  • studios for $110,000;
  • apartments for $140,000;
  • townhouses for $410,000.

Due to the growing demand, prices may change, thus it is important to check the price before buying. On our website, the cost of an apartment in Bangkok, the prices in euros and dollars are final; there are no hidden margins or commission fees.

Apartments for sale in Bangkok

Under Thai law, foreigners can purchase housing in full ownership (freehold) or lease a property for 30 years, which is renewable for up to 90 years (leasehold). Plots of land with buildings can only be issued with long-term leases (leasehold), so apartments in Bangkok for investment and permanent residence are in high demand. In condominiums for non-residents, sales account for up to 49% of real estate. If you purchase the property, it does not give you the right to citizenship but the Kingdom has a simplified residence permit program for foreign investors. To participate in it, it is enough to buy an apartment in Bangkok for a foreigner for over $300,000 or invest in the country's economy.

Buying an apartment in Bangkok, Thailand

The real estate market of the metropolis is diverse. Developers in Thailand build several types of housing: condominiums, low-rise housing, houses, and villas. The latter are located in suburban areas. Flats for sale in Bangkok can be found in any part of the city. When buying flats in Bangkok in modern residential complexes, the owner receives a full range of services:

  • improved landscape territory;
  • free parking;
  • gym;
  • playgrounds for children and sports grounds;
  • swimming pool.

The infrastructure of each complex is individual to choose the most comfortable apartment for foreigners and citizens of other countries.

Buying an apartment in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand-Real.Estate publishes offers from developers and local real estate agencies for those planning to invest in an apartment in Bangkok. The search function on the site allows you to filter the results so you can select which housing type you would prefer, as well as which city or region. In this way, you can buy an apartment in a new building in Thailand or secondary housing in any region of the country.