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Property for sale in Pattaya

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia that is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination. In 2019, 39 million tourists visited Thai cities, becoming a new national record. This data was reported by the Ministry of Tourism of Thailand. Of course, 2020 and 2021 have become less productive given the impact of the pandemic and the state adhering to strict lockdown rules for the sake of preserving citizens’ health. However, the dynamics of the indicators of previous years allow us to understand that after restrictions are lifted, tourists will return to the country again.

Pattaya is a famous resort in Thailand. It is a dynamic, rapidly developing city that offers a wide range of real estate. Having visited Pattaya once, tourists decide to buy real estate in Thailand in this resort city!

Property prices in Pattaya, Thailand

The price for real estate for sale in Pattaya is lower than the housing of other resorts in Thailand although prices for real estate in Pattaya are growing steadily by 5% annually, as reported by the Bank of Thailand.

The sale of apartments in a new building in Thailand is carried out through real estate agencies and Pattaya is no exception. Moreover, the construction of multi-story buildings is allowed in this city, allowing a large number of real estate in Pattaya from developers and agencies in a small space. When buying property in Pattaya for foreigners, the area of apartments in these houses is often small, about 20 square meters, thus attractive for novice investors.

Investment property in Pattaya

Pattaya real estate prices 2022 depend on many factors. The minimum is USD 80,000 for a studio apartment. The price of a 1-bedroom apartment starts from USD 100,000. A 2-bedroom apartment will cost the buyer USD 125,000.

If investors in Pattaya want to purchase houses, it is also worth focusing on prices from USD 100,000 but there are also completely exclusive offers worth USD 2,000,000 – USD 8,000,000. It all depends on several factors:

  • Location;
  • The size of the plot and the house;
  • Proximity to infrastructure, entertainment, and social areas;
  • The presence of a swimming pool, garden, as well as well-groomed plot.

The main goal of a home buyer is a property investment in Pattaya. The real estate market is full of a variety of housing choices including apartments with developed infrastructure. When investing in real estate in Pattaya, the owner profitably rents out his housing through a management company while the owner has the opportunity to live in these apartments himself several times a year. As a rule, foreigners buy property in Pattaya and prefer not to mix business and leisure.

Often, foreigners buy bargain properties for sale in Pattaya and for rent but eventually use the housing as a holiday home by the sea. The owners come to their house for a couple of months and the rest of the time, they rent it to tourists so that the rental income pays for the maintenance of the house. By the way, income from a rental business in Thailand and real estate investment in Pattaya brings owners 5-15% profit per year.

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Choosing and buying property in Pattaya for expats take a lot of time and involves the difficulties of knowing the law. Contacting real estate agencies in Thailand is the best solution that will allow you to make the right choice. You can contact our staff who will quickly orient you regarding prices, tell you about reliable developers and their projects, and help with selecting the perfect region. Take the first step right now and tomorrow you will receive the most favorable offers from our real estate experts!