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Property for sale in Rayong

Rayong is a province of Thailand, on the northern coast of the Gulf of Siam. Previously, the region was deemed to be industrial but lately, it has become a popular tourist destination that attracts beachgoers as well as those looking to buy property in Thailand. It’s perfectly suited to people who like to take long, peaceful vacations.

Special province

Rayong is an eastern Thai province and is 58 km away from Pattaya and 183 km from Bangkok. Despite its close proximity to Bangkok and the variety of beautiful beaches, Rayong hasn’t been popular with foreigners until recently. Tourism didn’t develop in the province due to the focus being on agricultural production and the fishery. Over the years, the province has become the main supplier of produce for Bangkok and Pattaya.

In recent years, some more adventurous tourists discovered this place and started visiting the region more regularly. These foreigners began to eagerly buy property in Rayong and come here with their families for a relaxing break. By Thai living standards, prices in the province are not high; you can find real estate for sale Rayong at a reasonable price, coupled with interesting sightseeing opportunities nearby. Investing in real estate in Rayong is a good idea, too.

It’s easy to get here by car or by bus from the two, previously mentioned cities. The nearest airport is in Chonburi, U-Tapao, 33 km from Rayong. The airport is open for international flights, including chartered flights.

Investment property in Rayong

Investors in Rayong say that if you want to buy apartament in Rayong as an investment, you should turn your attention to the more developed, touristy cities like Phuket or Pattaya. Real estate in Rayong is more suitable for time spent relaxing on your own or as a permanent residence. In the future, you may consider selling the real estate and then you would likely make a profitable property investment in Rayong from the resale due to the increase in property prices. To make a significant real estate investment in Rayong, it would be better to own the real estate for several years.

Property prices in Rayong, Thailand

In general, the real estate market here is made up of condominiums and single-storey housing complexes with apartments, i.e. by houses and villas. Prices may vary depending on the location, facilities and features of the bargain properties for sale in Rayong.

Real estate prices in Rayong for buying property in Rayong for expats:

  • A studio condominium – €34K;
  • 1-bedroom apartment condominium – €56K;
  • 2-bedroom apartment condominium – €89K;
  • 3-bedroom apartment condominium – €119K;
  • 2-bedroom villa – €97,8K;
  • 3-bedroom villa – €156K;
  • 2-bedroom detached house – €151K;
  • 3-bedroom detached house – €290K.

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