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Property for sale in Pathumthani

Pathumthani is a province in the central part of Thailand, 46km north of Bangkok. Its vicinity to the capital of the Thai Kingdom means that the industry is well-developed in the province. The largest city in the province is Panrangsit. What do you need to know when planning to buy real estate in Thailand?

Lifestyle in Pathumthani

The province is located in a picturesque area formed by the waters of the largest Thai river, Chao Phray. The river’s numerous canals and streams irrigate the local fertile land to bring abundant harvests.

It is possible to get to the province of Pathumthani by public transport (regular bus), train, motorboat from Bangkok or with a personal car.

Pathumthani’s climate is tropical and affected by monsoons which also means that the humidity is high here.


The most famous attraction in the province is the Phai Lom temple on the banks of the river Chao Phray. You can get there by boat or river taxi. Another attraction in the area are the thousands of storks that nestle there.

When buying property in Pathumthani for expats, there is another famous place in the province to choose this location. It is the Institute of Thai Boxing (Muai Thai Institute) that was created to boost tourism and promote the Thai art of self-defense in the international arena. Real estate in Pathumthani from developers and agencies is also in high demand among tourists.

Dream World is a theme park with many attractions and gaming machines.

There is good news for investors in Pathumthani that many tourists visit this region not only for cultural and spiritual experiences but also to buy property in Pathumthani since province is one of the best places to do this. It is also one of the most memorable places in Thailand with its solid historical background and unforgettable atmosphere. Real estate for sale in Pathumthani is good opportunity to enjoy all these attractions.

Property prices in Pathumthani, Thailand

The range of real estate in Pathumthani and city is diversified. If you are interested in houses in Thailand, be sure that the property in Thailand you view is represented fully and in different price categories. When buying property in Pathumthani for foreigners, purchase prices vary depending on the location of the real estate in Thailand, its size, design and other features.

Pathumthani real estate prices 2022 are listed below:

  • Studios – from 32,000 euro;
  • 1-bedroom apartments – from 38,000 euro;
  • 2-bedroom apartments – from 51,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom apartments – from 98,000 euro;
  • 4-bedroom apartments – from 176,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom house – from 101,000 euro;
  • 4-bedroom townhouse – from 119,000 euro.

You can get to know the actual housing prices in the catalog or consult the manager via the website.

Investment property in Pathumthani

If you would like to make a property investment in Pathumthani, you can find real estate in this region that can later be used as a source of passive income or successfully be sold after some time. Investing in real estate in Pathumthani is a chance to have a decent future in this country. To make the right choice and a profitable real estate investment in Pathumthani, please contact our company specialists.

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