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Property for sale in Kamala Beach

For a long time, real estate in Kamala Beach was popular only among locals from Phuket. However, in recent years, the situation started to change when tourists and those planning to buy real estate in Thailand discovered this area - one of the most picturesque in Thailand.

Special region

The total length of Kamal is 2 km. It must be emphasized that the beach is different in length. For example, the south (close to Patong) is not the best place for swimming as there are many stones in the water. At times, there are debris and fishing boats on the coast as well. The central and northern part of the beach is quite different. It is clean there, the beach is well-equipped, some hotels have been erected, and deckchairs with umbrellas are amply available. The length of the coastal area at Kamal is as little as 20-30 meters. Buying property in Kamala Beach for foreigners is a good variant for those who are looking for something exotic.

The beaches here are considered to be quiet and peaceful. Beachgoers can find all that is needed for good rest and even more. There are cafes, restaurants, spas, souvenir booths and grocery stores. You can spend your time at the popular nightclub, “Fantasy” that attracts both tourists and locals of Phuket. You can visit the club Café del Mar Phuket to the north of Kamal.

Climate and seasons

The region of Kamal is affected by streams and winds. The water temperature is from +26°С to +32°С. The climate conditions are most favorable from November to March. During this period, the sea is quiet with almost no waves. Swimming is comfortable even for little kids.

The period from April to October is a time of powerful waves and professional surfers. The height of waves can reach up to 3 meters.

Investment property in Kamala Beach

For those who plan to buy a house in Thailand, it is important to check the range of real estate for sale in Kamala Beach. You can rent or buy housing for property investment in Kamala Beach for any taste. The coastal area is full of hotels and further away there are villas, complexes, detached houses and condominiums. Various housing is a good way to buy property in Kamala Beach.

Apartments in condominiums are an ideal solution either for short breaks, long vacations or profitable real estate investment in Kamala Beach. It is easy to get from Kamala to any other place in Phuket. For example, to schools and other important urban infrastructures like cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and sports complexes.

In 2019, the popular international hotel chain Intercontinental was established here. The hotel provides top-notch service. Having been opened, real estate of such class ensured the increase of prices for bargain properties for sale in Kamala Beach and the region as a whole.

Tourist areas like the beach community of Kamala have always been popular with tourists. Many tourists rent housing thus keeping the liquidity of local real estate high. It also speeds up the return on investments. This is why investors in Kamala Beach are from all over the world. They strive to be here and purchase real estate in Kamala Beach from developers and agencies.

Property prices in Kamala Beach, Thailand

  • 1-bedroom apartment condominium – from €78K;
  • 2-bedroom apartment condominium – €145K;
  • 3-bedroom apartment condominium – €158K;
  • 2-bedroom villa – €263K;
  • 3-bedroom villa – €333K.

Kamala real estate prices 2022 may vary depending on the type of real estate, its locations and individual features. You can get acquainted with the prices of houses in euros and dollars in the catalog of our web page.

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