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Apartments for sale on Kamala

Real estate in Thailand is in great demand among foreigners. Major tourist areas are common places to buy a home – they are suitable for seasonal recreation or business. More isolated locations, such as Kamala Beach, are more suitable for permanent residence or long-term rest. We will tell you more about the features of Kamala Beach and what kind of real estate foreigners can buy here.

Features of Kamala

Kamala Beach is located in a bay in the west of Phuket Island, south of Surin Beach and north of Patong. The length of the beach is 2 km. Due to this, the coast is not the same everywhere. For example, its central and northern parts are perfect for family holidays and swimming; smooth and clean, with an entrance to the water, and sun loungers can be rented here. There are hotels and holiday homes for foreigners a little further away from the beach. The southern part, on the contrary, is less suitable for swimming; the shore is rocky, the entrance to the water is gentle, and there are fishing boats on the beach.

If you are interested in a comfortable holiday and want to buy an apartment on Kamala, the central part of the beach is suitable for a foreigner. It is considered quiet and peaceful. All the necessary facilities are available for holiday travelers like cafés, restaurants, food and souvenir shops, recreation areas.

Climate and seasons

Winds and sea currents affect the climate of this area. The water temperature in the sea ranges from +26 °C to +32 °C. The most comfortable period for rest on Kamala is from November to March. At this time, the sea is calm and without waves so even children can swim in the sea.

The surfing season starts from April to October. The resort has powerful waves that can reach up to 3 meters.

Apartments in condominiums on Kamala

Hotels are built along the coastline and villas and condominiums are located deep in the area. These are interesting for those who plan to buy an apartment in a new building in Thailand. Apartments in condominiums are a common option for short-term holidays or permanent residence.

From Kamala, you can get anywhere in Phuket. For example, schools and important urban infrastructures such as cafés, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, and sports institutions.

Investment in apartments on Kamala

These popular tourist areas like Kamala Beach are always popular with tourists and foreign investors looking for properties for long-term investments. Many vacationers rent housing, maintaining the liquidity of local housing and speeding up its return. For this reason, flats and apartments on Kamala are profitable for doing business. If necessary, Thailand-Real.Estate managers will help you choose apartments on Kamala for investment and permanent residence.

Prices for apartments on Kamala, Thailand

The cost of apartments on Kamala depends on their configuration

  • A 1-bedroom apartment on Kamala Beach in a condominium – 78,000 euro or more;
  • 2-bedroom apartments – 145,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom apartments – 158,000 euro.

You can always check the prices in euros and dollars for real estate on Kamala with the manager at the site.

We will help you buy an apartment on Kamala

The catalog on Thailand-Real.Estate contains the best apartments in Thailand from leading developers and proven owners. You can find flats on Kamala in the locations you are interested in according to the size, the number of rooms and cost on your own or use the help of our specialists.