Duplexes in Thailand

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Duplexes in Thailand for investment

Investing in duplexes in Thailand is the best step to diversify assets and get a fixed income. Thailand is considered one of the "Asian tigers" of the second wave with a rapidly developing economy and infrastructure. Therefore, experts recommend investing in a duplex in Thailand as soon as possible (for investment or permanent residence) while the market situation returns to pre-pandemic levels.

Entrepreneurs considering purchasing Thai land for the first time are strongly advised to seek legal advice. This will help you find out about any potential issues with your selected property in Thailand and save you money. Before making a transaction, the buyer must ensure that:

  1. The Land Department conducts a title investigation.
  2. A lawyer approves the contractual agreement between its parties.

Duplexes prices in Thailand

The cost of Thai duplexes is influenced by many factors. You can find this information in the following table:

LocationPhuketPattayaKoh Samui
Area 180 sq m 120 sq m 205 sq m
Number of bedrooms 3 2 3
Number of bathrooms 1 2 3
Swimming pool Yes No Yes
Sea view Yes No No
Furnishing Full Partial Full
Average price USD 378,000 USD 171,000 USD 263,000

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Duplexes for sale in Thailand

In Thailand, the purchase of land by foreigners or expatriates is prohibited by law. The most common option for a foreign investor is to conclude a long-term lease agreement (up to 30 years). The agreement allows the tenant to sublease the property as well as buy it out if the legislation changes in the future.

The second most popular option is to create a limited liability company that will own the land on behalf of a foreigner. In this case, at least 51% of the shares of the organization must be owned by Thais.

Lifestyle in Thailand

Before buying a duplex in Thailand, you need to understand the legal issues, familiarize yourself with current prices (in rubles, euros, and dollars) indicated in the catalog, and study the lifestyle of residents. Here are the most interesting features of Thai customs:

  1. You cannot talk loudly in public places as it is considered disrespectful.
  2. Thai families are huge. It is rare to find homes where parents live with only one child.
  3. In Thailand, a person's head is sacred. Therefore, it cannot be touched without permission.
  4. Thais do not open gifts in front of the givers as this is another disrespectful gesture.

We will help you choose luxury duplexes in Thailand by the sea

Having studied the Thai real estate market, you will find that it has a huge number of duplexes. Even an experienced investor can be confused when choosing the right option. To find the perfect house in Thailand at a bargain price, contact our specialists for help.