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Condos for investment in Pattaya

Buying condominiums in Pattaya is a popular destination for foreign investment. Developers in Thailand are building up this resort area, offering buyers compact studio apartments in new areas near the airport and luxury apartments on the first line by the sea. Housing for foreigners is in demand here not only because of the magnificent nature and comfortable climate, but also thanks to the developed community of compatriots who help get used to moving for permanent residence.

Condos’ prices in Pattaya

Condominiums for sale in Pattaya can be sold with any budget:

  • A compact off-plan apartment in the condominium costs 30,000 euros and up to 50,000-70,000 euros in the finished one.
  • 2-bedroom apartments are sold for 80,000 euros.
  • 3-bedroom apartments – from 100,000 euros.

The value must be specified before purchase. It depends not only on the comfort of apartments in the condominium in Pattaya and proximity to the sea but also on the situation in the housing market. The growing demand contributes to an increase in prices. It is most profitable to buy a condominium in Pattaya for a foreigner before the construction starts. This will allow you to benefit from the cost of housing when it is put into operation.

Condos for sale in Pattaya

Condos in Pattaya for investment and permanent residence are in high demand. This area does not need advertising and, along with Phuket, is the hallmark of the Kingdom. Foreigners can buy real estate in any part of the resort near the beach if less than 49% of the area was sold in a condominium to residents with citizenship of other countries.

To invest in a condominium in Pattaya, many people prefer to buy an apartment, as its registration is much easier than buying a villa. To buy a house in Thailand, you need to rent the land. According to the law, foreigners cannot own land in full ownership. You also need to know that Pattaya condos for sale do not allow you to apply for a residence permit. However, there is a convenient procedure for obtaining it for citizens of other countries.

Buy a condo in Pattaya

Investing in real estate in Thailand is profitable because it guarantees:

  • Year-round demand for housing in resort regions.
  • High profitability. By renting an apartment in a condo in Pattaya, you can get up to 7-10% profit annually.
  • Capitalization of the value due to the annual increase in real estate prices.

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