Off-plan developments in Phuket

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Off-plan property for sale in Phuket

Real estate in Thailand is in demand not only among holidaymakers. Real estate in residential complexes under construction is a great investment solution. This is an easy way to generate passive income. Here are four reasons to invest in the housing in Thailand:

  • Affordable real estate prices in new buildings under construction in Phuket, Thailand. Housing in European resorts is much more expensive.
  • Opportunity to receive benefits even at the construction stage, since after the commissioning of the property, the price of apartments increases by 10-20%.
  • High demand for housing in the resort areas, providing rental yields up to 10% per annum.
  • Annual capitalization of the value of off-plan real estate after it is completed.

Comfortable climatic conditions and a relaxed lifestyle in the country ensure the annual influx of foreigners who consider local housing not only as a second home but also an option for relocation. The growing demand for real estate allows you to invest money and increase your income.

Off-plan residential complexes in Phuket, Thailand

Construction companies in Thailand offer a wide range of properties. The cost of real estate in a residential complex under construction directly depends on several factors:

  • distance from the coast;
  • the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and total area;
  • amenities in the condominium.

Many people prefer to buy housing in a new building under construction in Phuket with a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a landscaped surrounding area. The pandemic has pushed people to revise the standards in terms of housing comfort. Now an increasing number of owners prefer spacious units equipped with everything you may need for living as well as for quality rest. Thai real estate from the developer at the construction stage fully meets the high requirements for comfort.

Property for sale from a developer in Phuket to foreigners is available in all areas of the province. However, the country's legislation includes some restrictions. Foreigners can own no more than 49% of the area in one complex. Therefore, the widest choice is offered in the segment of off-plan properties at price of a developer in Phuket. At the start of sales, you can choose the best apartment with a suitable layout.

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The Thailand-Real.Estate property database offers real estate in off-plan residential complexes in Phuket and other popular locations in the country. Our specialists are ready to assist in choosing an apartment that will match all your requirements and goals. On our website, you can also buy a house in Thailand. An easy-to-use search system with a wide range of filters allows you to look through the very latest offers from local real estate agencies and developers and study real-time prices in euros and dollars.