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Property for sale in Patong

Patong is a popular tourist center in Phuket on the Western coast of the island, the largest famous beach of the island. Despite its small size of just 7km2, this city is characterized by high construction density.

This is a prosperous tourist center with the economy, tourism and real estate market developing at a fast pace. There are many premium class houses, condominiums and villas here that attract both Thai citizens and foreigners who are interested to buy apartments in Thailand for residence or as property investment in Patong.

The most popular real estate can be found on the coast in secluded places that are surrounded by nature. Most local developers’ projects offer their clients who buy property in Patong a high level of comfort and sophisticated designs, including swimming pools, jacuzzis and security systems. Buying property in Patong for foreigners means have an opportunity to enjoy comfort.

Geography and characteristics of the city

Northern Patong neighbors Kamal, the eastern part neighbors Katu, the Andaman Sea is to the west, and the south is Chalong and Karon.

The shape of city resembles a crescent moon surrounded by mountains and the sea. The climate is equatorial and affected by southwest and northeast monsoons. The two prevailing seasons in this area are the summer and rainy periods.

The city is governed by the municipal authorities and consists of seven communities:

  • Chai Wat;
  • Ban Mon;
  • Ban Sai Nam Yen;
  • Baan Nanai;
  • Ban Khok Maham;
  • Baan Kalim;
  • Patong Beach.
  • The average cost of real estate for sale in Patong is approximately 158,000 euro.
  • The average price per 1m2 is 2810 euro.

Property prices in Patong, Thailand

The price may vary depending on location, square footage and individual features.

What kind of real estate in Patong can one buy here and how much would it cost? The approximate Patong real estate prices 2022 are as follows:

  • Studio in condominium –73,700 euro;
  • 1-bedroom apartment in a condominium – from 86,000;
  • 2-bedroom apartment in a condominium – from 155,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom apartment in a townhouse – 119,000 euro;
  • 5-bedroom penthouse in an elite housing complex – 974,000 euro;
  • 2-bedroom villa – 395,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom villa – 658,000 euro.

Investment property in Patong

Investors in Patong know that this city is a place under constant improvement. The infrastructure is good with stable electricity and water supplied throughout Patong. This place is loved by guests and locals, with bargain properties for sale in Patong. It is fully oriented to boost tourism, business and real estate investment in Patong. There are condominiums, bungalows, villas, resort areas and restaurants at the disposal of tourists and people working in the area. If you plan to buy property in Thailand, Patong is exactly that place you should focus your attention on. Investing in real estate in Patong can save your money.

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