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Property for sale in Karon Beach

Are you looking for picturesque locations to buy real estate in Thailand? Real estate in Karon is amazing investment. Place with some of the world’s most famous beaches. The largest part of the beach and adjoining areas are surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. When buying property in Karon Beach for foreigners, this is an enchanting place with popular tourist attractions in Phuket.

Characteristics of the location and real estate

The costal bar here is 3km long and thus, justifiably the second-largest in Phuket. The beach has soft, white sand and the water is crystal clear. The infrastructure consists of restaurants, bars, luxurious hotels and other real estate in Phuket.

When buying property in Karon Beach for expats, the range of real estate in Phuket is diverse in the sense of both the number of offers and their prices. There are houses, villas and bungalows for rent, purchase and real estate investment in Karon Beach. Due to a growing demand, Karon has become an important tourist area in Phuket.

This area is in demand amongst buyers and investors in Karon Beach who are looking for apartments in Thailand and wishing to buy property in Karon Beach for leisure, permanent residence or to lease out. The area and its investment housing is especially attractive for its vicinity to the beach, developed infrastructure, abundance of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and sightseeing.

It is easy to get to Patong and Chalong from here, with a travel time of not more than 20 minutes. In addition, travelling by road to Phuket (just 19km) makes this place attractive to those who prefer living in solitude but close to the conveniences of the city.

Property prices in Karon Beach, Thailand

The average Karon real estate prices 2022 are 215,000 euro. Depending on the square meters and location, the price can be higher or lower. The average price per 1m2 is 2,760 euro.

Various prices depending on the size of real estate for sale in Karon Beach are listed below:

  • 1 bedroom (including studios) –87,100 euro;
  • 2 bedrooms –148,000 euro;
  • 3 bedrooms –354,000 euro;
  • 4 bedrooms – 570,000 euro;
  • 5 bedrooms –1,300,000 euro.

You can verify the actual prices for bargain properties for sale in Karon Beach in the catalog or consult the manager via the website.

Investment property in Karon

Investing in real estate in Karon Beach can be very profitable. Why?

  • Vicinity to Phuket – just 19km;
  • High tourist activity;
  • Well-developed infrastructure that is constantly improving;
  • Many offers suitable for both renting and purchasing;
  • Stable income – 6-8% annually depending on the type of real estate, its number of bedrooms, and proximity to the beach;
  • An opportunity to resell real estate and make a profit with rising property prices.

We will help to buy real estate in Karon Beach

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