Villas and houses in Karon Beach

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Villas for sale in Karon Beac

Karon is included in the rating of the longest beaches in Phuket, reaching 6 km in total. The main feature of this area is the white "singing" sand which received its name due to the high content of quartz in its composition. Walking along the southern part of the beach, you can see a large number of bright coral reefs that attract the attention of tourists.

In addition to the fantastic nature, Karon has many restaurants and bars. There are not many attractions and entertainment spaces here but this does not scare tourists away as Katu and Patong are near the beach. Experts in the field of real estate in Thailand recommend taking a closer look at the villas in Karon Beach for investment and permanent residence.

House prices in Karon Beach

The cost of villas in Karon Beach can vary between $ 338,000 - $ 2,000,000. Final prices for villas in Karon Beach will depend on its location, landscaping, size and other factors. The table below shows the average prices for buying villas in Karon Beach for expats:

Lot typeVillaHouseCottage
Area 400 m2 135 m2 320 m2
Number of bedrooms 5 2 4
Number of bathrooms 3 1 3
Pool availability Yes No Yes
Sea view Yes Yes Yes
Furnishings Complete Partial Partial
Average price $2,000,00 $338,000 $1,200,700

Investing in a house in Karon Beach

Many foreign investors have long understood that buying a house means investing in one of the most promising areas of the Asian market. Entrepreneurs prefer local real property for the following reasons:

  • Close proximity to Katu and Patong beaches;
  • The cost of lots on the island of Phuket rises annually by 4-11% (the current prices of houses in Karon Beach in euros and dollars can be found by visiting our website catalog);
  • Rental income steadily generates from 5 to 14% per annum;
  • Foreigners can buy property for investment and permanent residence without having Thai citizenship (according to the law on land ownership, foreigners have the opportunity to acquire a villa in Karon Beach in a condominium);
  • Developing infrastructure (to attract foreigners, premium establishments, restaurants on the seashore, shopping centers and other leisure facilities are being built in the area);
  • Many properties have a pool or overlook the sea.

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