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Villas for sale in Bang Tao

Foreigners can buy house  in Bang Tao, Thailand as a seasonal home, a permanent residence or a profitable investment. This is one of the popular destinations on the island of Phuket, which gets its name from the name of the local beach. The contrast between the snow-white sand on the eight-kilometre-long coast strip and the azure waters of the sea is etched in the memory of those who have visited this resort at least once. It is on the west coast of the island in Choeng Thale, between two other popular beaches, Choeng Thale and Thalang. The area is relatively young, so all the buildings are modern. The destination has a well-developed resort infrastructure and offers a comfortable lifestyle, which drives demand for Bang Tao Beach houses for sale.

Phuket is one of the hottest tourist destinations. Several million travellers visit the island every year. There is everything you need for both a luxurious holiday and a comfortable life, including ample shopping and dining options, healthcare facilities and schools. The high demand for housing in the area has a direct impact on the cost of houses in Bang Tao Beach, which is slightly higher than in other locations in the country. On the coast, you will be able to find both a small home and an opulent mansion.

Laguna remains the most exclusive part of the area. This gated community contains high-end real estate, golf courses, restaurants and shops. The development of this community marked the beginning of the area’s transformation into a premium part of Phuket.

The Kingdom of Thailand has a special procedure for ex-pats purchasing housing. Such rules are typical of most countries in Southeast Asia. The major restriction is that overseas nationals are prohibited from owning the land on which any villa in Thailand is built. The right to private ownership of land is available only to citizens of the country. However, you can dispose of housing however you like, since the plot is owned through a long-term lease of up to 90 years.

Investment house in Bang Tao

Here are 4 reasons to buy a villa for sale in Bang Tao Beach:

  • Favourable location. The area is a short drive from the international airport. Due to its proximity to the coast and extensive infrastructure, the destination is in demand among not only holidaymakers but also those considering buying a Bang Tao Beach villa for sale for relocation.
  • High real estate demand. Due to the limited development area, the available space will eventually run out and buyers will have to choose from many resale properties. The supply limit will contribute to an increase in the cost of villas in Bang Tao Beach.
  • Potential return on investment. You can consider investing in houses in Bang Tao Beach in the short term and become an owner at the start of construction. In this case, when you resell the property after the complex is completed, you can get a return on your investment of several times the initial cost.
  • Opportunity to receive passive income from renting out houses in Bang Tao Beach. Upmarket property is in stable demand.

If you want to rent out villas in Bang Tao Beach, dedicated services are offered by many local agencies and developers of residential complexes. This allows you to make a profit remotely without residing in the country. The kingdom has a successful guaranteed income program where owners are assured a monthly payment. The rental yield can reach 10%. All other matters related to property management after buying villas in Bang Tao Beach are taken care of by estate agents—you just need to pay a nominal fee.

Houses prices in Bang Tao

The cost of property in Thailand depends on:

  • the neighbourhood’s prestige and infrastructure
  • proximity to the coast
  • the living space of the home and the size of the plot of land
  • number of bedrooms
  • the date of construction and the quality of finishes
  • availability of additional amenities such as a swimming pool or private access to the beach

The median value of Bang Tao Beach villas ranges from USD 609,000 to USD 2.5 million. However, the average cost of properties differs from the prices indicated in listings. When the article was published, the following offers were on the market:

  • two-bedroom villa — USD 431,000
  • three-bedroom villa — USD 861,000
  • four-bedroom villa — USD 1.6 million
  • five-bedroom villa — USD 2 million

Among the listings, you can also find premium houses for sale in Bang Tao Beach, Thailand. A five-bedroom home with an area of almost 1,000 square metres costs USD 5.1 million. A 4,000 square metre 11-bedroom unit on the market for USD 10.1 million.

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