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Buy a villa in Trat

Trat is the eastern province of Thailand with an administrative center of the same name on the border of Cambodia. Vacationers are attracted by a peaceful lifestyle and spectacular views. Nature on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand reveals its beauty no less brightly than in popular destinations for Russians like Pattaya or Phuket. Property in Thailand by the sea is suitable for permanent residence and as an investment. The housing market in Trat is represented by different types of properties but houses and villas remain the most popular for foreigners.

Prices for villas and houses

By law, foreigners can buy real estate in the kingdom in full ownership. However, it must be borne in mind that the cost of houses in Trat includes the purchase of the building itself but not the land on which it is located. The latter requires additional costs for long-term leases. At the moment, the country has a well-established mechanism that allows foreigners to purchase cottages, houses, and villas without additional labor costs and financial burdens. On average, the pricing policy looks is as follows:

  • a small but cozy house with 3 bedrooms can cost USD 200,000;
  • a cottage in Trat costs from USD 500,000 and more;
  • a luxury house in Trat with 5 bedrooms, a sea view, and a private pool costs about USD 1,500,000.

It is important to keep in mind that real estate agencies in Thailand monitor the market situation so prices change regularly and depend on the exchange rate and demand. Therefore, it is more expedient to clarify the cost of a particular property immediately before buying.

Investment in houses in Trat

Villas in Trat for investment and permanent residence offer great opportunities for capital growth. The country is experiencing stable economic growth including through the tourism sector. Houses in Thailand are rising in price. This provides an annual capitalization of investments even in the absence of plans to receive a passive rental income. This direction is no less promising. By law, foreigners cannot engage in short-term rentals but this does not prevent you from renting out a villa in Trat for a long time or using the services of licensed companies. They will provide guaranteed income on a contractual basis when investing in villas in Trat. The return on investment depends on the specific property and the degree of its attractiveness in the eyes of potential tenants. Citizenship is not required for the registration of property.

Houses for sale in Trat

The catalog contains houses in Trat and prices in rubles, euros, dollars that can be selected using filters. Specialists will help a foreigner choose and buy a house in Trat depending on the available plans and budget. You can also find options on the website in other popular locations of the country, ranging from resort areas on the seashore to the metropolis of Bangkok.