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Apartments for sale in Trat

Any foreigner can buy a property in Thailand. Location selection and real estate rangein the Kingdom are extensive. Apartments on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand are in great demand. One of the tourist centers of this area is Trat in the northernmost province of the same name in Thailand. Depending on personal preferences, foreigners can buy real estate for vacation or permanent residence here.

Features of Trat

The city borders the western side with the province of Chanthaburi and Cambodia on the eastern side. This places and the neighboring town of Chanthaburi are considered mining and precious stone processing centers  – there are several large deposits of sapphires, rubies, and other gems. Some of them are available for guided tours or independent visits. Beyond Trat, Thailand shrinks to a narrow coastal strip of 88 kilometers long. The nature of the city and its surroundings is rich with green vegetation that is characteristic of the entire Siamese coast. An apartment in Trat will allow you to enjoy these magnificent views at any time of the year.

The second most important branch of the region's economy is fruit and vegetable growing. The main crops grown here are durian, rambutan, and mango. Fresh vegetables and fruitsgrown by locals reach markets in all parts of the Kingdom of Thailand. The harvest season runs from May to mid-July. The harvest ends with festivals, exhibitions, and entertainment.

There are numerous temples in the city, including Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon and the Bupharam Temple which, according to legend, contains the ashes of the Buddha.

How to get to Trat

Using a regular bus from Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chanthaburi, you can get to Trat along National Highway No. 3, a distance of 75 km long. From the city, you can also drive to Chang, the second-largest island in Thailand.

Investment in apartments in Trat

You can use real estate in Thailand, in particular in Trat, as a source of passive income. You can live there yourself or rent it out and after a few years, you can resell and benefit from the increase in house prices. You can find the best apartments in Trat for investment and permanent residence in the catalog on our company's website. To find a home with a guaranteed payback and not make a bad choice, it is better to contact a specialist who knows about the features of Thai real estate.

Apartment prices in Trat, Thailand

You can buy an apartment in Thailand, Trat, on average for 127,000 euro. The cost of 1 sq.m is 1,350 euro. The cost of apartments in Trat depends on the number of bedrooms and the location of the property.

Prices for apartments, depending on the configuration, are as follows:

  • 1-bedroom apartment – 87,000 euro;
  • 2-bedroom apartment – 172,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom apartment – 244,000 euro.

The manager can provide you with prices for apartments in euros and dollars or you can view them in the catalog on the website.

We will help you buy an apartment in Trat

Are you planning to buy an apartment in a new building in Thailand but do not know where to start? Discover the various offers in Trat and other popular locations in Thailand on the pages of the Thailand-Real.Estate catalog. The company’s specialists will help a foreigner to buy an apartment in Trat, advise you on how to sell or buy a property, and help you choose housing according to your taste.