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Apartments for sale on Ko Mak

Ko Mak is a small tropical island in the eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand. The distance from the island to the mainland is 35 km. Ko Mak belongs to the province of Trat. There are two small villages in Ko Mak with over 500 people.

If you are a fan of solitude and want to buy real estate in Thailand, buying an apartment in Mak, Thailand, will be a great investment for you.

Features of the island

The area of Ko Mak Island is 16 km² and the length of the beaches is 27 km. The island is home to the production of hevea trees for rubber and the cultivation of coconut.

The tourist infrastructure on the island is not developed. There is a hospital, temples, police station and school. There are several places available to visitors to enjoy the local beauty; experience leisure on sandy beaches, in clean seas and amongst beautiful corals. Here foreigners can buy real estate and combine a comfortable holiday with an interesting pastime.

Life at the resort is slow which is nice for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and are looking for a quiet life. A flat on Ko Mak will be a great place to relax with your family.

To buy an apartment in a new building in Thailand on Ko Mak Island, please contact the manager of our company.

You can get to the island by boat on the route "Koh Chang – Ko Mak" or by motorboat from Laem Ngop twice a day, as well as by minibus from Pattaya.

Prices for apartments on Ko Mak, Thailand

Apartments on Ko Mak Island for investment and permanent residence for visitors are more attractive than ordinary hotels, especially for those traveling with family and children. Owning a private apartment allows for freedom and ease of living.

Prices in euros and dollars for apartments on Ko Mak Island depend on the configuration of the housing. You can check the cost of the property on the catalog pages on our website.

Investment in apartments on Ko Mak

Apartments for sale in Thailand bring owners a good profit. Thai properties are suitable for rent and passive income, especially in good locations. If you are looking for an apartment for this purpose, real estate on Ko Mak will not bring you a quick return on investment and you should pay attention to the more sought-after tourist places like Patong or Surin.

We will help you buy an apartment on Ko Mak

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