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Buy a villa in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the largest cities in Thailand. It is located in the northern part of the country and occupies a flat area. Here, the climate is mild, comfortable for rest or moving to for a permanent residence. The city is not located by the sea but its remoteness is fully compensated by a large number of lakes and ponds. Tourists are drawn in by many attractions ranging from beautiful architecture to numerous festivals. However, the tourist flow in this direction is not as heavy as in the traditional resort regions of the country, allowing you to lead a measured lifestyle. There is a variety of real estate in Thailand on the market but houses and villas in Chiang Mai are in high demand.

Prices for villas and houses

The cost of houses in Chiang Mai wins in comparison with the real estate offered on the market of the largest city in the kingdom - Bangkok. It depends on the area, the number of rooms, and the degree of comfort of the building. Average prices look like this:

  • a house in Chiang Mai with 3 bedrooms can be bought for USD 450,000;
  • a villa with 4 bedrooms can cost USD 1,000,000;
  • a cottage in Chiang Mai with 5 bedrooms can cost from USD 1,400,000.

If you plan to purchase luxury properties with spacious grounds, a swimming pool, 7 bedrooms and the same amount of bathrooms, then be ready to spend USD 10,000,000 or more. Prices fluctuate so it is better to confirm them before buying.

Investment in houses in Chiang Mai

Villas in Chiang Mai are attractive to foreigners not only from the position of moving for permanent residence or family vacations; they are also considered good investments. Every year, tourists come to Northern Thailand, tired of relaxing by the sea. They are looking for a place to live. Many prefer owner-operated rentals over hotel offers. Among the advantages of investing in villas in Chiang Mai are:

  • stable rental income: rental income from houses in Thailand varies from 6 to 10% per annum;
  • the possibility of free purchase: according to the law, foreigners can buy real estate without obtaining citizenship or a residence permit.

You also need to consider that houses in Chiang Mai, prices in rubles, euros, dollars which depend on currency fluctuations, tend to rise in price. Therefore, investments can be considered profitable in terms of long-term capitalization of funds.

Houses for sale in Chiang Mai

There is a catalog where you can find villas and houses in Chiang Mai for permanent residence and investment. You can check out the current prices for offers from real estate agencies in Thailand. Experts are ready to advise you on your choices and assist with the purchase of a house in Chiang Mai. There are plenty of properties in other areas of the kingdom including the ones with a sea view.