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Buy a villa in Chalong

Chalong is a sub-district that occupies the southeastern part of Phuket. Due to the pronounced tides combined with a large amount of silt on the seabed, local beach areas are unsuitable for swimming. Despite this, Chalong attracts a large flow of tourists every year. People come here to ride boats and yachts and explore the nearby islands. Coral Island is especially popular for diving and snorkeling.

The area itself has a developed tourist infrastructure. There are many restaurants, bars, dance clubs, and attractions that can brighten up the leisure time of visiting foreigners. Many people visit Chalong for golf, go-karting, rock climbing, shooting, or paintball. A lot of entertainment and a good location has made this area in demand in the real estate market in Thailand.

Prices for villas and houses

The average cost of houses in Chalong and the factors influencing it are clearly shown in the following table:

Lot typeVillaHouseCottage
Area 400 sq m 221 sq m 270 sq m
Number of bedrooms 3 1 3
Number of bathrooms 4 3 3
Swimming pool Yes Yes No
Sea view No No Yes
Furnishing Full Full Full
Average price USD 543,000 USD 241,000 USD 489,000

Investment in houses in Chalong

The local infrastructure of the area is increasingly developing every year, making luxury villas in Chalong attractive both for permanent residence and investment. Experienced entrepreneurs are confident that local real estate prices will rise several times soon. This is why foreigners are rushing to buy a house in Chalong and add it to their investment portfolio.

There are other reasons why real estate in this area is investment-attractive for foreign businessmen:

  • almost all the houses for sale are well-maintained (complete with a pool or sea view) and are inexpensive compared to plots in other areas of Phuket;
  • foreigners can buy property without being a Thai citizen (according to the land ownership law, foreigners can buy a Thai plot in a condominium);
  • rental income on houses in Thailand consistently brings 8-12% per annum.

You can study the prices of houses in Chalong (in rubles, euros, or dollars) in the catalog. Also, for the convenience of customers, a special section has been created on the website with a selection of reliable construction companies in Thailand.

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