Family visa to Thailand: methods and conditions for obtaining

Family visa to Thailand: methods and conditions for obtaining

A Thailand family visa may be required if you plan to migrate to the country with your spouse and children. The Kingdom of Thailand’s visa program offers several possible options for issuing residence permits to foreign nationals. Let's consider who needs a family visa, whether it is possible to get it by buying an apartment in Thailand, and what the advantages and features of obtaining it are.


Why do you need a visa?

Requirements for obtaining a residence permit vary depending on the applicant's nationality, the amount of time they plan to spend in the country and the purpose of the visit. Most European nationals do not require a separate permit to enter the country. You can stay on its territory legally for 30 days after arrival. If a longer period is required, you cannot do so without a visa, otherwise, the foreigner will face deportation. There are several visa permit options:

  • tourist visa valid for 2 months
  • multiple six-month visas
  • non-immigrant option allowing you to stay in the Kingdom for up to 90 days
  • long-term visa under the Thailand Elite program

Each of these options has unique time limits and features.

Difference between a family visa and a tourist visa

The main differences between a Thai family visa and a tourist visa are the validity period and the purpose. Tourism does not allow you to stay in the country for a long time, which is not suitable for expat family members. For those planning to immigrate, work or study, a long-term permit is required. This is the main advantage of a family visa in Thailand. To obtain it, one of the spouses must be officially employed by a Thai company and have the appropriate permit.

The whole family will be able to move to Thailand under the Thailand Elite program. Its detailed description will be given below.

Unmarried ex-pats can be betrothed to a Thai citizen. This will also be the basis for issuing a family visa.

Семейная виза в Таиланд: способы и условия получения

Basic questions regarding a family visa

There are three options for getting a family visa. The first involves marriage to a citizen of the country. In this case, the spouse can apply for an annual marriage license which will be extended as long as the couple is married. Having such a visa allows one to live in the Kingdom as well as obtain a work permit. For men, proof of THB 400,000 (USD 11,446) in a deposit account is required as well as a monthly income of at least THB 40,000 (USD 1,144).

Also, a family visa can be obtained by the spouse and children of a specialist invited to work in a Thai company. To do this, you will need to confirm your relationship and provide a copy of a local bank statement proving that you have enough money to live (THB 20,000 (USD 572) per month per person).

The third option for moving with a family is a Thai privilege visa. It is issued under the Thailand Elite program. Its validity period ranges from 5 years to 20 years. What does a family visa in Thailand give in this format? Saving time, since the resident and their immediate relatives do not need to leave the country every 90 days, as provided for in other visa options. Visa holders also receive access to high-quality services, including transfers, annual medical examinations and the opportunity to visit sports centres and entertainment venues. The range of additional opportunities directly affects how much a family visa to Thailand costs. Depending on the package, the price varies from THB 500,000 (USD 14,254) to THB 2,000,000 (USD 57,000).

Another thing to consider is that this permit does not limit the ability to buy an apartment or villa in Thailand and live in the country, but does not give the right to work or run a business. Income can only be investment income received from shares or securities.

Thailand family visa requirements

To obtain a family visa to Thailand, those who are married to a Thai citizen will need to:

  • apply for a non-immigrant visa
  • provide a document confirming the opening of a bank account no later than 2 months before applying for a visa
  • submit a visa application to the immigration service

The Thailand visa application process takes 30 days.

Family members of an ex-pat employed in Thailand need to have:

  • documents confirming their relationship
  • copy of the passport and visa of an employed specialist
  • copy of the work permit and a certificate from the employing organization
  • copy of a local bank statement confirming the required funds

To participate in the Thailand Elite program, the following documents are required:

  • international passport valid for at least 6 months
  • photocopy of the personal data section of the passport
  • high-resolution scanned copy of any valid ID
  • application form

Proof of relationship is required for immediate family members of key participants.

Семейная виза в Таиланд: способы и условия получения

Legal assistance in preparing documents and purchasing real estate

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