Top 7 streamlined villas in Phuket ideal for living and investment

Top 7 streamlined villas in Phuket ideal for living and investment

Thai palaces and temples, with their intricate decor, captivate the imagination. However, the homes of local residents, even those of considerable wealth, are typically simple and unpretentious. This minimalism fosters an atmosphere conducive to contemplation and self-reflection, drawing attention to the beauty of the surrounding world. Modern designers and architects working in real estate in Thailand often adhere to these same principles.

Discover the unique characteristics of contemporary Thai homes and learn what exactly makes them so appealing to even the most discerning buyers.


Design of modern thai villas

Traditional villas in Thailand often feature lightweight construction, with homes near water frequently built on stilts. Modern buildings emphasise natural light, but large windows and doors are shielded from the glaring sun by thick curtains or dense foliage outside. They also incorporate open outdoor spaces for relaxation, like internal courtyards, terraces, and pavilions. Given Thailand's hot climate, pools in modern homes have become a necessity rather than a luxury, often forming the focal point of the villa.

Furniture and interior

The interior décor of modern Thai homes is similar to dwellings in East and Southeast Asia. Spaces are divided with sliding doors and screens. Locals sometimes prefer sitting on the floor, hence the appreciation for low furniture and mats. Low-lying tea and coffee tables are common in these homes.

In modern structures, these traditions are often softened or blended in an eclectic form. Interiors are frequently designed not strictly in Thai but in a generalised Eastern style.

Top 7 streamlined villas in Phuket ideal for living and investment

Simplicity and minimalism

The interior space in Thai villas is maximised for efficiency. As the houses themselves are quite compact, they use smart layouts, sleek and functional furniture, often transformable or retractable to create extra space.

Designers frequently draw from the Japanese style, which shares elements with Thai: the same minimalism without excess, similar screens, and low-to-the-ground approach. This is most evident in bedrooms, where a single bed is installed, and colour is used as an accent, making the house visually more spacious and truly comfortable and harmonious.

Original ideas

A defining feature of many modern villas in Thailand is their complete integration with nature. These homes are seamlessly embedded into their surroundings, with natural greenery, water, landscapes, and other local characteristics forming a logical extension of the interior.

The residence may be situated in the midst of tropical thickets, whose shade provides shelter from the scorching sunrays. Panoramic windows offering views of the greenery create an atmosphere of total immersion in a tropical forest.

Examples of Thai villas with contemporary interiors and layouts

Thailand-Real.Estate's website features a wide range of properties from Thailand's leading developers, showcasing interesting layouts and designs. Here are 7 of the most unique homes that offer a deep dive into the distinctive charm and atmosphere of tropical living.

2-bedroom villa in central Hua Hin

A stylish 162 m² property with a minimalist interior in light tones. The house features panoramic windows overlooking a courtyard, accent lighting, a modern bathroom with up-to-date fixtures, furniture, and appliances.

The outdoor area includes a pool, a jacuzzi under a wooden canopy, a well-maintained garden with a small yard, and parking for one vehicle.

The asking price for this property is $217,143.

Top 7 streamlined villas in Phuket ideal for living and investment

3-bedroom house in Pattaya

Located in the gated community of Patta Village, close to all of Pattaya's amenities and infrastructure. This 200 m² house comes furnished with appliances. The interior design is understated, executed in a light palette with black and dark brown accents.

The living room's panoramic windows open to a backyard featuring a small pool with a paved area and a decorative stone wall. The property also has green hedges and parking for two vehicles.

The price for this property is $126,902.

1-bedroom villa in Bang Tao

Presenting a classic Thai-style home for your consideration. Despite its modest size of 75 m², it efficiently accommodates all essentials for comfortable living. It features a bedroom with a large bed and panoramic windows overlooking greenery, a living room with a glass wall and access to a covered pool, a bathroom, and a shower room.

The interior is dominated by wood and natural materials, including bamboo, stone, and glass. This property is part of the premium Villoft Zen Living project.

Price: $194,582.

1-bedroom villa in Patong

This futuristic villa is a marvel of architectural thought. Located on a hill, it offers breathtaking views of the city, sea, and the green expanse of Patong. Its modest size of 70 m² doesn't compromise its comfort.

The villa includes a combined bedroom-living area, bathroom, shower room, dining area, and a balcony with a pool. Panoramic windows encircle the property. The dome-shaped roof faces the sea, ensuring maximum sunlight during the day.

This home is available for $222,783.

5-bedroom villa in Phuket

Introducing a two-storey residence, truly deserving of the title 'tropical paradise home in the jungle.' This 3,680 sq. m property, featuring 4+1 rooms, is nestled on a hill surrounded by lush greenery. Its panoramic windows offer breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea and the sunny landscapes of Phuket.

Nature is an integral part of this home's design. The interior is adorned in classic Thai style, with wood finishes, furniture, and decor. The expansive space includes:

  • Spacious bedrooms
  • A swimming pool
  • A poolside bar
  • A home cinema
  • A gym
  • Massage rooms

This property is available for purchase at $6,739,883.

2-bedroom house in Bang Saray

An authentic 133 sq. m villa with two bedrooms and a 300 sq. m land plot. Located in Bang Saray, in a prestigious gated community with secured premises. The property features a rectangular swimming pool with a well-appointed relaxation area, sun loungers, and chairs.

The dining area merges with the living room, equipped with panoramic windows leading to the pool. The interior boasts a minimalist style with predominant light shades, complemented by dark brown and grey accents.

The starting price for purchase is $513,246.

Top 7 streamlined villas in Phuket ideal for living and investment

6-bedroom villa in Phuket

Designed for true connoisseurs of luxury and comfort, this two-storey residence spans 1,053 m² with 6 bedrooms, nestled in a gated community with secure premises. The main bedroom boasts panoramic windows offering an unparalleled sea view.

The interior merges classic Thai style with loft elements, highlighted by unique black marble panels with golden streaks. The bathroom and toilet feature the same exquisite material. The kitchen is equipped with statement lighting, furniture, and a bar counter with a granite surface.

The property includes a pool on the grounds. Residents also have access to a gym and well-thought-out infrastructure of the residential complex.

Price: $4,371,054.

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