The super-expensive real estate market is growing in Bangkok

The super-expensive real estate market is growing in Bangkok

Experts note that more and more projects are being built in Bangkok in the segment of ultra-expensive real estate, inaccessible even to many wealthy buyers. Against the background of the growing popularity of Thailand as a destination for investment and immigration, such projects quickly find buyers. Most often they are rich Chinese citizens.

Some developers note that since Thailand has long been a business hub for many foreign companies, the demand for expensive housing should also grow. For example, it is expected that many successful businessmen will want to buy a large house near Suvarnabhumi International Airport. This will allow them both to enjoy a high quality of life, and to be able to quickly board the right flight if necessary.

At least one such precedent has already taken place, analysts say. An unnamed Chinese businessman bought a house on a lake near the international airport for 160 million baht ($2.29 million).

Another example is the elite residential area Narasiri Krungthep Kreetha, all the houses in which were sold out in a month. The developer, Sansiri Plc, confirmed that the fastest way in the project was to buy expensive houses for 50 million baht ($1.46 million). Responding to the trend, the company launched three projects in the field of luxury real estate at once: Bagan Pattanakarn, BuGaan Phra Ram 9 and BuGaan Krungthe-Kreetha.

Other developers today have also become more active in launching projects aimed at wealthy buyers. Among them are such residential complexes as Nirvana Collection Krungthep Kreetha and Vi Ari, the prices of houses and apartments in which are estimated in tens of millions of baht.

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