Experts named the best areas in Phuket for real estate investment

Experts named the best areas in Phuket for real estate investment

Experts have named several districts of Phuket, whose real estate can become both a promising investment and a successful purchase in July 2023.

One of these areas is Bang Tao, also known as Laguna Beach, which is located on the northwest coast of the island. Among the projects here are Laguna Phuket Complex, which attracts wealthy buyers who want to buy an expensive villa. Picturesque views, as well as several popular resorts and golf clubs will help to increase the sale and rental price here.

At the moment, Bang Tao is the most sought-after area among buyers who are looking for luxury real estate to move or invest in.

Another good investment may be the resort areas of Cherngtalay and Layan, adjacent to Bang Tao. They are often chosen by wealthy buyers who are looking not only for luxury real estate, but also for a quiet life in nature. In both areas there is a large selection of villas, as well as various infrastructure. You can note a lot of bars and restaurants, there is a large shopping area.

Sometimes experts call the disadvantage of both districts. Otherwise, both Cherngtalai and Layan can be a good investment.

Finally, experts single out Thalang, an area in the north of Phuket that is rapidly gaining popularity among investors. Due to the fact that the area has not yet become one of the most popular, prices here remain relatively low. The advantage may be the proximity to Phuket International Airport, as well as the proximity of schools, hospitals and several not very crowded beaches.

Now several resorts, golf clubs and residential areas are being built in Talang. Therefore, in the near future, real estate prices here may significantly increase.

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