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Villas for sale in Jomtien

Jomtien Beach houses for sale are prestigious properties in Thailand. The area is named after the eponymous beach and is located in one of the most popular resorts in the country, Pattaya. The sea coast, more than five kilometres long, is considered one of the best in the city and is ideal not only for seasonal holidays but also for relocation. Beachfront properties provide a comfortable lifestyle. Foreigners can buy houses for sale in Jomtien Beach, Thailand, as an investment. They are easily rentable and allow you to receive a stable income throughout the year.

Several million tourists arrive in Pattaya every year, and the number of visitors does not depend on the season. This makes real estate consistently in demand. Villas in Jomtien Beach provide residents with access to the well-developed infrastructure that the area offers, including:

  • retail outlets
  • night market
  • restaurants
  • aquapark
  • dolphinarium
  • amusement park

Overseas investors buying villas in Jomtien Beach can own housing in the kingdom as private property. However, expats are subject to several restrictions that are typical for most countries in Southeast Asia. Foreign nationals can buy an apartment in Thailand provided that the share of locals in a particular condominium accounts for at least 51% of the area. As for detached homes, the land under them is not for sale. Foreigners can buy house  in Jomtien Beach and own it through a leasehold. The long-term lease lasts 30 years, after which the period can be extended twice more. This practice does not limit the rights of owners; they can dispose of a house for sale in Jomtien Beach at their discretion, i.e. sell, bequeath or rent it out.

Investment house in Jomtien

There are four reasons for investing in houses in Jomtien Beach:

  • Prestige of real estate. The conveniently located resort is always in demand. The international airport can be reached in just 40 minutes. Bangkok, the capital of the state, is two hours away. The infrastructure of the region ensures a high quality of life along with affordable prices. Pattaya not only boasts a well-developed tourism sector, including entertainment and shopping but also provides quality healthcare and education services. Those planning to buy a villa for sale in Jomtien Beach and relocate with children will appreciate access to several international schools.
  • Affordable villa  prices in Jomtien Beach. Despite the high demand for housing, prices in the region are lower than, for example, in Phuket or Bangkok.
  • A rapidly developing economy with stable GDP growth. An increase in urban population leads to a rise in demand for housing, which becomes more expensive every year. In the future, houses in Jomtien Beach can always be resold at a profit, since prices have increased by almost 40% in the last five years alone.
  • Ample passive income opportunities. Real estate has a high return on investment, reaching 12% per year. For foreign owners, local companies offer a convenient way to obtain guaranteed income. Under the programme, owners of Jomtien Beach villas receive the amount specified in the contract, while all matters related to housing management are taken over by the developer or a local agency.

House  prices in Jomtien

The cost of villas in Jomtien Beach depends on several main characteristics, including:

  • area and number of bedrooms
  • proximity to the sea
  • infrastructure of the development
  • extra amenities such as a private pool
  • year of delivery
  • quality of finishes

Since the territory is being actively developed and the coastline is already occupied, further construction of new properties is only possible deep in the area. Therefore, waterfront Jomtien Beach villas for sale will become more expensive. There is still an opportunity to purchase real estate at an affordable price. The cost of houses in Jomtien Beach is aimed at different budgets. At the time of writing, you can see properties offered at different prices:

  • three bedrooms — USD 124,000
  • four bedrooms — USD 276,000
  • five bedrooms — USD 165,000

These examples clearly show that even a spacious Jomtien Beach house for sale can be accessible. The cost of premium homes is higher and reaches several million US dollars.

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