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Houses for sale in Surin

Houses in Thailand are a sought-after and highly liquid asset especially those located in popular resorts. One of these is Surin Beach. Foreigners often choose villas here for investment and permanent residence. We will discuss the features of the beach and the specifics of its real estate below.

Beach Features

Surin Beach is located in the north of Phuket and is 1 kilometer long. Patong, a major tourist center, is just 12 kilometers away and can be reached by private or public transport.

Due to the natural characteristics of the coastline, there are almost no waves on the beach, the water is clean, and there is snow-white sand on the shore. With its many fashionable boutiques, fine restaurants, and cafes, Surin proudly bears the informal title of the most stylish beach in Phuket. Among other things, you can visit the most expensive hotel on the island - Amanpuri, which often hosts world-famous stars. Real estate in Thailand, especially villas and houses, is in great demand among both locals and visitors. Many people prefer to rent housing and relax. Some foreigners are interested in long-term residence or business and most often buy villas by the sea.

What attracts tourists to this resort? First of all, its beauty, warm sea with a well-groomed coastline, and prestige. More on the latter: Surin Beach is a frequent destination for world-class stars such as Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie. There are many high-end hotels, residential complexes, and residential communities with premium villas on and around the beach.

Prices of villas and houses

A foreigner can buy a house in Surin for EUR 53,300. The average cost of houses of 1 square meter is EUR 444. If you are interested in the price in rubles, euros, and dollars, you can view it in the catalog on the website or directly through the company manager. If necessary, a specialist will tell you about the individual features of a particular property and explain where is most profitable to buy a villa.

Investment in a house in Surin

Foreigners can buy real estate and use it as a personal home or a source of passive income. Since Surin is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand, luxury villas and houses with excellent sea views and comfortable living conditions are in high demand here. Investment in villas in Surin is profitable and will pay off within a few years.

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