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Apartments for sale in Surin

Buying a property in Thailand means making a reasonable contribution to your future. Apartments are the best option for those who have not previously purchased foreign housing. It is easier for a foreigner to buy apartments in Surin and other cities of Thailand than other types of real estate as this housing does not require land titling.

What makes Surin attractive? First of all, its landscapes, gentle sea with a well-maintained coastline, and its prestigious quality. In addition to the latter, Surin is a vacation destination for world-class stars such as Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie. There are many luxury hotels and premium residential complexes on the beach. These properties are always in demand for their comfort and location.

Location and features of Surin

Surin is located in the north of Phuket. The length of the beach is 1 km. The nearest major tourist center of Patong is 12 km away. You can get to it by private and public transport.

On the beach, there are no waves, the water is always warm and clean, and the shore has snow-white sand. Surin and its surroundings have received the unofficial status of the most stylish place in Phuket for its various boutiques, fine restaurants, and beautiful buildings. There is Amanpuri, the most expensive hotel in Phuket, where world stars stay.

A few meters from the beach, there are cafés, bars, and restaurants, some of which turn into fashionable clubs at night. On the way from Surin to Bang Tao, there are numerous shops and branded boutiques.

The price of apartments in Surin, Thailand

You can buy an apartment in a new building in Thailand for 26,000 to several million euro. The cost of apartments in Thailand varies depending on the location, configuration, and characteristics.

What apartments are for sale in Surin?

  • 1-bedroom apartments – 165,000 euro or more;
  • 2-bedroom apartments – 171 thousand euro or more;
  • 3-bedroom apartments – from 230,000 to 483,000 euro.

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Investment in apartments in Surin

Popular developers in Thailand are also engaged in real estate in Surin. Apartments in elite residential complexes combine attractive style, comfort, and stunning views. Surin is one of the most popular holiday destinations not only in Phuket but also in Thailand so housing is always in demand with locals and foreigners renting and buying. Apartments in Surin for foreigners are an opportunity for leisure and a source of passive income - apartments here pay off quickly.

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